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Subscribe to this thread Something's a-Brewing. created by Nieko on February 14, 2013

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Nieko2/14/13 8:17am
Hi there everyone of the DK world XD, my name's Nieko and I am a proud owner of all 3 volumes of Dreamkeepers released thus far. Including a limited edition volume 3. ^^ Dreamkeepers means so much to me, as I am an artist, and a aspiring cartoonist who wants to to actually create a own graphic novel. The styles, story, setting, characters, lore, and community of DK is what makes me love the books so much. I hope to meet new and interesting and happy folk on the forums aaaand yeah, that's what I have to say right now. : )

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Thegunner182/14/13 3:42pm
Hey there, Nieko! The name's gunner :3 Hope you enjoy your stay on these forums! One thing, though. This should be in the Salutations thread. :)

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DanWithTheHat2/15/13 5:42pm

I'm just another fan of this awesome comic. I'm sure you will like all the crazy book discussions we have on here. ^_^

Also, since its not stated anywhere on the new forum yet, I figure I'll tell you that Dave usually comes on to the chat room on Thursday's at 9:00 PM EST to answer any questions we may have and to quote the previous forum's help thread, "radiate his awesomeness".

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