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Subscribe to this thread Swat Kats Kickstarter created by Kymastrider on July 23, 2015

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Kymastrider7/23/15 5:38pm
right well before I begin Swat Kats was an action cartoon from the early 90's set in a world of anthromorphic cats, it stars two ex fighter pilots who fly in there jet that has more random gadgets then the batmobile and they stop a roster of villians ranging from mutants, to giant killer robots and even supernatural elements, watch this opening it pretty much speaks for itself.

This was a cartoon with so much potential to grow into an everlasting franchise like ninja turtles, it looked and sounded great, the ratings were through the roof, and it was even spawning several pieces of merchandice, unfortunately it was cancelled in its prime due to the fact that the president of turner broadcasting was a dush claiming it was to scary for children despite the fact that kids at the time loved it.

However it looks like Swat Kats is about to get it's second chance, the Tremblay Bros who are renowned artist and co-creators of the Swat Kats have announced that they are launching a kickstarter for a Swat Kats Reboot. It's already close to meeting half it's goal but if you love swat kats, or would like to help support an exciting new franchise feel free to help support this kickstarter

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Kirito7/23/15 7:23pm
This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

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Jawson7/24/15 3:29am
Now there's a cartoon that didn't get enough credit.

StarFox vs. Swat Katz. Who wins? :P

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Aman37127/31/15 6:55pm

rekt XD

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DanWithTheHat8/2/15 8:24am
I loved swat kats back when I was a kid. I hope this Kickstarter goes well.

My biggest concern though is their goal to say the project is funded. It looks like they set it extremely low. If they just meet their goal and no "stretch" goals, the only thing that happens is that they release concept art and scripts (Which they probably already have...). To actually ensure the show gets developed for at least one pilot episode, They want $200,000. It seems like they lowballed their initial amount to ensure they get at least some money even if it isn't their true goal and that throws up too many red flags for me to be a backer of it.

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