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Subscribe to this thread I've always wanted to share this. created by Jawson on July 23, 2015

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Jawson7/23/15 6:35am
The following is from an old PC game called Deer Avenger 2:

There's plenty of famous children's cartoon animals, but I think this was the first time I ever saw a more 'adult' anthro cartoon that I really liked.

Although I didn't get the "might get a little white-tail tonight" joke as a child (silly, I know) but I always loved the two deer characters here. It's just something about the voice and the way they're drawn.

I went back to the video as an adult and they are now bar-none my favorite furry 'couple'
(I guess you can call them that? :/ )

The male in the green jacket is called "Bambo" while the female is "Bimbo" (Get it? :P)

But now for funny part, after that intro the game runs a disclaimer that includes these lines.

Then, this... "interesting" bit pops up.

I thought you'd all find that hilarious.

Plus (As embarrassed as I was to admit this) I agree with him. X_X

I've always thought that these two characters are woefully unknown in the whole "furry" community and I just wanted to say it. (I guess you can call this a confession too, I guess?)

Thankfully, during the game's ending, both characters are alive for a happy ending.

Peace. :-)

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