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Subscribe to this thread Party Down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 7, 2015

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Kymastrider3/15/16 4:58pm
(@Javelin me and Edward are still in the medbay while were talking about this)

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Kymastrider3/25/16 8:34pm
(Alright I guess I'll give everyone another update on the statues of the story)

@Alej (Since I know you don't check the headless room for some reason, Alej is with Jamie and someone else out on the streets of ruskel after barely escaping the nightmare down in the sewers, there trying to find a place to meet up with the rescue team who should arrive by a teleporter retrieval device)

@Javeline (You are in the medbay with me Edward and the kids, Edward is about to depart to try and rescue Alej Jamie and that other guy who are still out in the field. Edward has tasked me with looking after the kids until we can get them back to their parents, and since your a stranger at the base I volunteered you to help me look after the kids, and since you're in the medbay too I imagine you heard all of our conversation since it was pretty small in the books.)

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joeden4/13/16 5:53pm
Jamie looked over to Alej and asked, "That power manipulator, how do you know her?"

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Javelin2/13/17 10:53pm
Javelin has agreed with a little smile to Kymastriders request saying sure thing sir, with lack of social skills simply raised his hand up facing towards them as a greetings forgetting to wave the kids were confused with what plain gesture Javelin is presenting, Javelin was confused scratching his head.

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