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Subscribe to this thread Anime Movies created by Prometheus on January 7, 2015

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RubahaParen1/10/15 2:36pm
"The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" not a bad anime. Worth to watch. Evangelion 3.0 was weird, hopes that 4.0 would be better.

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Asora1/10/15 3:27pm

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Kirito1/10/15 3:51pm
Summer wars is also very good. I will look up the girl who lept through Time later.

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MobileCrusader1/25/15 9:46am
I dont like Eva, and I dont like the first two Eva movies, so i assume i wont like eva 3 and 4

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MobileCrusader1/25/15 9:47am
I watched Wolf Children over Christmas. It was good. not my favorite, and i called the ending, but it was good.

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Asora1/25/15 12:02pm
*looks at Mobile deviously - takes out M911 - points it at Mobile*

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Prometheus1/25/15 1:23pm
*Takes M1911 and disassembles it Voyevoda style.*

Enough of that. :/

Anyway, I'm looking forward to Hosoda's next big film. I am now a big fan of his work.

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Asora1/25/15 1:53pm
*notices M1911 disassembled by Prometheus*

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MobileCrusader1/26/15 11:32am

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Asora1/26/15 3:47pm

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Prometheus1/26/15 4:47pm
@MobileCrusader XD

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Aman37121/28/15 9:34am

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Asora1/29/15 6:45pm

You hear that? That's the sound of the stolen car that used to be mother's.........

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