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Subscribe to this thread The Shocks created by Aman3712 on January 7, 2015

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Rekt2/16/15 1:51pm
Locke found it ridiculous that whoever had searched Van had let him into the facility with a spoon and a bar of soap. In fact, it was more than ridiculous, it was downright negligent. But on Van's part, it was stupid.

For the fraction of a second the soap was in her mouth before being spat out, she grabbed the free chair and hefted it up, preparing to strike at the old Keeper. "You're fokin' dead you hear me, son?" she shouted.

Then she paused when she saw the door had been opened, and there in the room stood Hinch.

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Aman37122/16/15 2:23pm
"Leave him to me." The owl said, making his way to Van. Although he didn't show it, the owl was fed up of Van.

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Rekt2/16/15 2:29pm
Locke was loathe to just drop it how it was. But sadly this was not her decision to make; Hinch was her superior, and she wasn't about to disobey a direct order. So she tossed the chair past Van, scooped up the pistols from the floor and holstered them, then started out of the room.

"Sir, you need to start implementing legitimate body searches, before this shit gets someone killed. Next time we might have a prisoner who isn't a total moron," she said, shooting Van one last glare before vanishing from the room and striding back down the hallway.

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Aman37122/16/15 2:37pm
Hinch knew Locke was right. His hatred for Van had blinded his morals and common sense. "I see that your already making a scene," Hinch began, his needles well hidden and prepared, "Stop this nonsense or I'll be forced to use direct combat."

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joeden2/16/15 2:39pm
Van smiled as He saw Hinch and said, "Hinchie so nice that your here, nice to see you again! How's the love life?" Van was asking for it big time but he didn't care. This was to much fun to pass up, way to much fun to pass up.

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Aman37122/16/15 2:44pm
"My patience with you is nearly deprecated, Hellsing." The owl said again, "We can do this peacefully or with unnecessary violence."

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joeden2/16/15 3:43pm
Van smiled and said, "Hinchie i wouldn't have done this if you didn't send in a foul mouthed brat. Now you know me, lets play guess what i'm not wearing? hahahahaha!!!"

Van then charged at Hinch ready to punch him.
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Aman37122/16/15 4:22pm
With absolutely no effort, the owl grabbed Van's arm and used the wolf's strength against him, throwing him against the ground. Hinch then pulled out three needles and threw them at Van, aiming at three of his pressure points.
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joeden2/16/15 6:38pm
Van went down, fast and quick as the needles went in he whined in pain as the needles hit the pressure points. Van then said, "I give up... So Hinchie since i can't die and nothing you do to me will kill me, so... Dose this give you any ideas??? I know you want to do things to me, go ahead let loose use your imagination..." Van smiled up at him trying to get Hinch to break.

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Aman37122/16/15 7:08pm
The owl hated everything that he did, but it was necessary. "Lock him up." He then said to the shocks outside, who came in and grabbed Van. However, as the other shocks grabbed him, Hinch pulled the needles out.

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joeden2/16/15 9:39pm
Van gasped as he had the needles pulled out and as he was being pulled away he said, "your missing a golden opportunity hinchie! Hinchie! Hinchie! Hahahaha!" Vans laughs where the last thing Hinch would hear as Van left the room.


As the monkey keeper finished his work on Jessica he smiled and said in his cheery voice, "you'll live just no more stunts for the next little while, and take it easy okay?" He was eyeing Jessica who said, "yea, yea got it dr. D" she had a bit of engery in her, thanks to the doctor's power. Jessica was moved to the couch to lie down on, thanks to the help of Brick.

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Aman37122/17/15 5:29am
Jazz came into the room and said to Jessica, "How'd everythn' go, baby?"

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joeden2/17/15 8:53am
Jessica smiled and said, "hey Jazz could have gone better, that's for sure... They caught Van and i almost feel sorry for them." Jessica laughed but stopped as it began to hurt; Jessica then checked for her datascroll and went wide-eyed and said, "they got my datascroll! Jazz we need to get every password changed and reschedule all patrols and paths they take, and stop all reports from other infiltrators in the Shocks from sending in their reports!" Jessica was on edge and was justified for such a concern the datascroll, even though not holding names, held the schedule patrols times for transmissions and her diary, which held the events of resucing her Cousin, which would lead them right to the base if the pass code was cracked.

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Aman37122/17/15 9:19am
"We'll get right on that," The shrimp said with a grin, "But you need to rest up a little."

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joeden2/19/15 7:30pm
Jessica gave a bit of laugh, "hah yea i don't need a repeat of today that's for sure." Jessica giving a huff asked Alex to grab her book, and began reading from where she left off.

Arton was making his way through the halls multitasking five different papers at once, coming to a halt. He saw Vern and quickly scuttled over and said, "hello Vern right? I was told you had an interesting encounter recently with rebels, you got any info on them I can help with?"

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