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Dreamkeepers Forums - HELLO EVERYBODY *im newXD*

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Subscribe to this thread HELLO EVERYBODY *im newXD* created by samuelfriendly7 on October 9, 2014

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samuelfriendly710/9/14 5:00pm
Hello i'm glad to be here i just made an account and i hope i cant scope the forums for interesting topics and stories. And if anyone knows tell me WHEN VOLUME 4 IS COMING OUT!
take care and keep posting cya.

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Asora10/9/14 5:11pm
HELLO COMRADE! My name is Asora! Or you could call me Asora! I am that type of guy who jokes around and helps people out who are in need, and comes up with awesome and creative ideas, and since I'm the first one to contact you, be ready to see others congratulating and welcoming you to a world of "pure-imagination".


So, samueldfriendly7-

Are you ready to see and read topics that are never before discussed in any other thread in the internet, and the ones that are to come in these Forums?

Are you ready to meet new people, who are all good and BADASS and came from the country called "KICK-ASSIA", who are again BADASS and have personal stories and ideas to tell?!

Are you ready to see things that are so awesome, so gruesome, so scary, so sexy stu - wait, wwwwhhhhhat!!!?

(Yeah, I guess you didn't knew huh? In the "LOOKATTHIS!" category, you can see on your computer a thread called "The Official Thread of Naughtiness (18+ Users Only), which in FACT contains........well....ya know....ITS SELF EXPLANATORY!! NO QUESTIONS!!)

Anyways, are you ready, dear brother samuelfriendly7, to see the DK UNIVERSE!?!?!?!?



P.S. This is going to be my official greetings for newcomers. Don't judge me........

P.S.S. I have a man punching a bear.

P.S.S.S. Hi.

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samuelfriendly710/9/14 5:21pm
THANKS I AM READY BROTHER ASORA XD. I cant wait to check out all the topics and see all the hilarious comments that l surely follow as we dissect Dream Keepers and find out its darkest secrets! (maybe check out that look at this category to get a unusual aspect of facts:-)Away i must post...FOR DK

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BryanDimmsdale10/9/14 5:38pm
Hello there, samuelfriendly7, I'm glad you've joined the DK forums.

Well, I think it's pretty much Asora said, but alway remember to follow the rules on the Forums (but this will be explained for the mods further).

Anyways, if you are seeing this, then take NOTE:

I mean really take NOTE:

There will be a LIVE CHAT Today 20 minutes after I post this. NO, I'm serious, despite the timeline you are on, there will be A LIVE CHAT 20 MINUTES AFTER I POST THIS.

See that time on my post at the upper right of the box there, that's the time I post this thing, after 20 min of my posted time, it's LIVE CHAT TIME!

Clear, well then, see you at the Live chat!

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ZycantAlpha10/9/14 5:57pm
Hey there Samuelfriendly7, welcome to the fold!

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CoolCoyote10/9/14 6:34pm
Howdy hi! Nice t'meetcha. I joined for rp in land, as Asora said, of pure imagination. ^^

Welcome! I pass the mantle of newbie to you! May you wear it with honor

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Asora10/9/14 6:46pm
And your Minecraft crafting kit, skills, and map too. Have fun! *Flys off on Dragon*

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Prometheus10/9/14 6:57pm
Hi, there! Glad to have you on our forum! :)

I'm Prometheus, a fellow member and one of four moderators for the forum. Don't be a stranger and make yourself at home. :)

We have many sections with many threads to partake in as well as a weekly IRC chat session every Thursday night at 9 P.M. EST. You can reach the IRC via the Live Chat coin under the forum navigation on the left side of the forum.

Again, glad to have you aboard. ^^

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DanWithTheHat10/10/14 4:42am
Hi samuelfriendly, welcome to the forums! I'm one of the other mods her along with Prometheus. I hope you enjoy your time here!

As for volume 4, Dave has gave no hard date just yet. As of the last update he gave us, it is on track for a kickstarter sometime in December. That is not definite though.

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Korangar10/11/14 8:03pm
Welcome bro, have a nice day XD
Vol 4 will come soon, we can only wait for it =)

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PotatoFox10/12/14 12:42am
Hello new (User 335), we are everybody
I am one of the four moderators in this forum of many things. I see the others have already introduced themselves, or at least two of them anyway. The fourth moderator would be MobileCrusader.
As moderator, I need to ask you to read the rules (bottom right) and to abide by them. Of course, that wont be too difficult given the generic nature of said rules (Don't be a jerk, etc.).
Please note that the moderators mentioned in the rules, Fore and Twilight, are considered MIA and thus contacting them with any moderator related business will likely result in nothing.
Finally, there is an "18+" thread. We, the moderators, have no effective method of policing the 18+ "policy" and thus any decision to enter the thread is your responsibility alone. The rules for this thread are in the thread itself. If you have no intention of using that thread, you have no need to know the rules.
Now that the formalities are done, we can commence the informalities: Hello, how are you today?

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GodofVelcro10/13/14 9:25pm
A new user, welcome! Hope to see you around!

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FoxPhantom10/14/14 5:42am
Yay a new user!
Welcome to the forum ^^

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MobileCrusader10/14/14 3:57pm
hi dude

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