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Subscribe to this thread Operation Moar Fankeepers created by jumbleniter on August 15, 2014

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Asora11/15/14 5:16pm
It is now all according to plan.....MWMWMWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

*que lighting in background while dramatic music is playing*

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MobileCrusader11/19/14 11:08pm
I've been posting to imgur, reddit, 8chan, and twitter nonstop about the upcoming release if volume 4. I've been spreading the word to the best of my ability. I think I've done what I can until the next volume drops or we get another big event announced.

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DanWithTheHat11/20/14 10:09pm
Yeah, when the volume 4 Kickstarter launches, I'm sharing that thing all over the place.

Usually, the promo videos Dave makes for things like that are good at convincing people to check out DK.

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MobileCrusader11/21/14 9:43am

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Asora11/22/14 6:27pm
Wait, 8chan? I thought there was only a 4chan! :O

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MobileCrusader11/22/14 10:40pm
Halfchan is dead. Moot is a sellout and won't be getting another click of my traffic.

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Kirito12/4/14 2:24pm
I've been posting stuff the Weasyl and telling all my friends about it =)

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MobileCrusader12/4/14 3:27pm
Every effort helps!

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