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Subscribe to this thread I have emerged from the darkness once more... created by BlackTailedFox on August 13, 2014

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BlackTailedFox8/13/14 9:41pm
and I bring you this! an awesome animation that captures the same spirit that dreamkeepers has!

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MobileCrusader8/13/14 10:59pm
That was fantastic!

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Asora8/14/14 7:28am
That.Was.Beautiful. I am a truly a lost for words on how awesome this short film was.

But there is something ironic between this film and Dreamkeepers. Now, I don't really want to spoiler you or anything, but strangely enough, the way that the film is represented and continues forward somehow relates some "key plot points" to DK's.

Think about it. One example is the art. The way the animation was introduced in the film first indicated that it could've been for a younger audience, same thing to DK's art. But then, BOOM! Suddenly it shows that this not for little kids, instead this was for people who really love imaginative stories that are made up into wondrous art and animation, mixed in with violence, action, adventure, mild sexual themes, fantasy, sci-fi, and other stuff! Or something like that.

I hope you get what I mean. If you guys don't understand what I am talking about, check the film and try and compare its plot elements toward Dreamkeepers. You'll see what I mean.

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MobileCrusader8/14/14 7:30am
I get what you are saying.

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BlackTailedFox8/14/14 6:51pm
Glad you two enjoyed it, and that's exactly why I posted the video Asora! :3

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Prometheus8/15/14 8:39am
I can definitely see DreamKeepers being like this. Adventurous, dramatic, gritty, explicit. Thanks for sharing this awesome vid! :)

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BlackTailedFox8/15/14 9:13pm
You're welcome!

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