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Subscribe to this thread Do DK Crossbreeds exist? created by BryanDimmsdale on July 29, 2014

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Asora10/29/14 8:27am
There is a lot of text......


*reads some text*

.....this might take a while.....

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MobileCrusader11/6/14 7:25am
Incubi and succubi are an interesting approach. I had never considered such a thing.

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BryanDimmsdale11/8/14 2:35am
[21:22:21] <&DreamKeepers> DK and Nightmares: How would a crossbreed work? Technically, it shouldn't be possible. Nightmares can't reproduce, can't create new souls. Only human/Dreamkeeper souls can create new existing life. However.

[21:22:33] <&DreamKeepers> I do like to allow for exceptions in the lore, because hey- real life is full of exceptions.

[21:23:08] <&DreamKeepers> So how would a DK and Nightmare crossover work? I really have no idea. It would definitely be rare, a freak occurrence. But I wouldn't say it's impossible. Beyond that, the details would be up to the person having fun with the idea. 8)

Proof that Mr. Dave said it himself that they are possible to exists, he just doesn't know how. XD

See the chat for yourself and read it carefully:

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Asora11/8/14 2:05pm

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BryanDimmsdale11/8/14 10:40pm
Oh, I'll make that happen >:)

*Went inside a plot vault room to create 4 DK Crossbreed OC's, the first two are siblings and on the good side, the others are purely crazy and wants to control the whole DK world, muhahahaha!!!

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Asora11/9/14 9:46am
Oh yeah? Well then......


Um, yeah. That's all I got so far, BUT I WILL BE BACK! It'll just take a minute.......

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BryanDimmsdale11/10/14 3:53am
Oh don't worry, like I said, the two are not a threat to the society. But good luck defeating the other two, they have, let's just say, some unusual OP powers. So, you gotta have a hundred thousand army to defeat them. Even I am already running for my life.

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BryanDimmsdale3/4/15 5:17pm
Hmmm, I think I'm gonna revive this thread to see if anybody has interest in it. I'm gonna make another hypothesis based on Salahir's, because he does have a point though. Provided that Dave considered this possibility (and he did XD), what would the counterpart be in the real world?

Before that question, Prometheus actually said the part with the intercourse. Because I am sure that the Nightmares are not just gonna kill a DK and eat only; I am very sure they are likely to torture and do something different with them, like raping or playing with their body parts.

Okay, I know that it might be getting perverted and mature at this stage, but I'll try it to be as leveled as possible here to prevent being a "18+ section". After that "ahem" scenario, and assuming the DK is a female, there's a small chance that she will be pregnant, and that's a very questionable part there already. Because nightmares are unnatural forces, it is nearly impossible to get pregnant by "nothing" or "non-existent", but believe it or not, in rare occasions, that actually happens in our society in the real world.

Okay, okay, bear with me here right now, cause it will get even crazier. If the pregnancy happened, how the heck would the baby look like in DK? Hahaha, but in my opinion it would still be looking like a dreamkeeper 80 to 90 percent, but has no halo and would have nightmarish powers. And how would they look like in the real wolrd? Same thing, they are still human, but non-existent.

Wait, WHAT?

Hehehe, looks like I'm watching way to many anime with weird stuff in it. But honestly speaking, do you ever feel that sometimes that the one that you talk to doesn't exist?

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crazyhead423/4/15 5:33pm
... Then we probably have a lot of DreamMares in this world.

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Prometheus3/4/15 6:49pm

O.O Uh-huh.... Never thought of that when I first mentioned it. Actually reminds me of Shmi Skywalker from Star Wars and how there was no biological father for Anakin. That's definitely an interesting thought to bring up with Dave.

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Wulfspyder4/28/15 7:42pm
I would think a half-Nightmare DK wouldn't have a human counterpart.

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