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Subscribe to this thread Vanth and Bast created by Ice4smaster on July 17, 2014

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Ice4smaster7/17/14 8:10am
With the new prelude story arc i think we would need a little rework, it's no longer two places, Lilith & Namah and Mace & Whip, but now a 3rd place, Vanth & Bast appeared. Not mean it as nit picking, but also attention to details, even if this arch just started.

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Prometheus7/17/14 11:27am
Dave has already talked about redesigning the Prelude side of the website, as well as updating the archive for Mace and Whip's recent arc. He has it in mind, so just give him time to find room in his schedule and he'll take care of it.

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MobileCrusader7/17/14 12:22pm
Yea, I figure it will happen by the end of the arc.

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Prometheus7/17/14 12:39pm
Judging by how long these arcs go for, it'll probably be a full year before any of this occurs.

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Asora7/19/14 11:59am
Pretty strange that it has almost been a year since the end of the latest Mace n' Whip Prelude, yet for some reason the archive ends at Pg. 405 "Reading the Signs", which is know where near the ending.

Kind of find it ironic that's all.

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ZycantAlpha7/20/14 4:52pm
I think Dave just hasn't gotten to updating the archives yet on that one.

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MobileCrusader7/22/14 1:01pm
I'm not mad that he's spent more time on vol 4 than the prelude.

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