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Dreamkeepers Forums - Hows the world out in front of you window ?

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Subscribe to this thread Hows the world out in front of you window ? created by CoSinus on April 16, 2014

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CoSinus4/16/14 10:31am
Looked out of my rooms little window today and was overwhelmed by how I could have failed to see how much all changed outside when spring set in.

little sidestory:
due to an accident in my room all my throusers except a short one for summer got dirty. So i have to wear that one due to lack of any alternative. Its comfy and fits well, but in the morning its still cold with 3Celsius outside, later up to a max of 16C, with nearly no sun. Didnt see people smile at me that much ever before xD
I call myself an optimist right now ^-^

Maybe someone wants to share a pic too ? :D

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MobileCrusader4/17/14 5:49am
The weather outside is fluxuating quite rapidly. Two days ago, it was 61F. Yesterday it was snowing and 25F. Now it is an even 40F. The snows all gone but the wind is not any less bitter.

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Prometheus4/17/14 12:07pm
Pretty windy right now with a lake wind advisory in effect for the area. Had to go outside with my dad and help him trim some branches that had snapped in the wind and were pushing against our car canopy. Somewhere in the 60's right now with a low of only 63 for tonight. Gonna be raining cats and dogs from Friday to Sunday, so it's gonna be a wet Easter weekend here in Northeast Florida.

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CoSinus4/17/14 12:21pm
so, it's not any better where you stay then here, april indeed ;)

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GodofVelcro4/17/14 5:45pm
I have the same situation as Mobile, random snowing then relatively warm weather again. Except that my backyard is now flooded.

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Salahir4/19/14 12:58pm
I looked upon the landscape and the house styles and thought: Gee~z, looking like Germany. Eh, mhh, kay, after looking at your profile: It IS Germany. Strange how you can nearly always recognize your home country :D I'm too inquisitorial. Even the use of Celsius instead of Fahrenheit made me suspicious, that this is defnitely not the U.S. I will never be able to use Fahrenheit properly.
60F is roundabout 15-16C?

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CoSinus4/20/14 3:05pm

Nice that Im not the only one around here ^^
The link of my picture held another indicator, ending with .de :D

helps a lot :)

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RubahaParen4/24/14 6:40am
View from window. For poor quality of foto blame my phone :)

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