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Subscribe to this thread A Decent Idea created by TruthQuest on February 14, 2014

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TruthQuest2/14/14 7:52pm
I know that many of us prefer to keep our commissions from David private, but if some of us gave him permission to use them as 'Vote' incentives on TWC, DK readership could significantly increase. Think of it like this: incentive up-dates encourage more interest in potential readers: potential readers Become DK-readers: more DK-readers means more potential income for David, Vivid Publishing and DK: better income keeps David and DK aloft in a merciless world, and we all get more DK, including you who gave David permission to use the commission in the First Place! Props To You from The Rest of The DK Fan-Base.

Through some rules and ideas for improvements in here, we Don't want to alienate anyone.

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MobileCrusader2/15/14 9:38pm
Its been a standard practice among many of the webcomics I voted for in the past.

I didn't know this place wasn't doing that... since I've never actually voted for it lol.

I still think its a good idea though, a nice treat for the dedicated. I might actually switch my vote from Faux Pas if that happens just to view the art!

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DanWithTheHat2/16/14 9:45am
I know Dave posts most of his commissions already on his Deviant Art page and his other accounts around the web but they would still be good vote incentives though.

Maybe he could post the commissions in between posting original DK art every month?

When he posted the Prelude illustration last month, DK was in the top 10 for a bit and from what he said, it brought a bunch of new traffic to the site. More art on TWC can never hurt.

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TruthQuest2/16/14 11:05am
One of us should tell David to have a look at this thread and sence he almost always too busy to come and look, the best time would be when he's garrontied to be on. I can leave a bot q' on the chat but time restraints called 'Life' won't let me find out what his answer is.

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DanWithTheHat2/16/14 9:17pm
I should be on the chat this week and will bring it up to him.

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TruthQuest2/27/14 6:07pm
Hey Dan did you get a chance ask?

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DanWithTheHat2/28/14 6:56pm
I knew there was something I was supposed to ask him the last couple of chats..

Very Sorry it totaly skipped my mind the past two weeks. Maybe MobileCrusader will be able to ask him in the next one? I will not be able to make next weeks chat sadly.

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MobileCrusader3/1/14 6:56am
This week I'm out of commission sadly. I'll be gone all week to spring break at home where there is no web service for me.

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DanWithTheHat3/11/14 4:06am
I see that you were able to get a hold Dave by his Ask Me Anything QA. It seems like he liked idea. The more vote incentives, the better!

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ezioauditore973/11/14 5:13pm
Sounds awesome to me!

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MobileCrusader3/11/14 9:28pm

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TruthQuest3/11/14 10:06pm
Oh thank God, now, To VOTE!

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MobileCrusader3/16/14 1:00pm
I've been having trouble loading Top Webcomics webpages recently. All votes lead to error pages.

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