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Dreamkeepers Forums - Halloween DK DA contest is up!

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Subscribe to this thread Halloween DK DA contest is up! created by ezioauditore97 on September 29, 2013

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ezioauditore979/29/13 7:27am
Just dropping a line to notify everybody that the Halloween contest has now begun!

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CalicoYorki11/8/13 11:32pm
I wish they direct-linked to the images, from the DK website.

deviantART is a virus hole, this is what my experience with dA has been.

ehhhh w/e

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ezioauditore9711/9/13 10:00am
I like Deviantart quite a bit actually but I see what you mean.

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CalicoYorki7/3/14 7:05pm
Hey hey hey.

This is what we should do for Halloween this year!

We've had the Rocky Horror Picture Show parody...

...But how about some Addams Family values?

Ravat = Gomez

Tinsel = Morticia

Wisp = Wednesday

Randy = Pugsley

The Underlord = Uncle Fester

I'm sure we could figure out someone to be Lurch.

And we could have a Sandman be Thing.

Alternatively, the Underlord could be Cousin It,

But I like him as Uncle Fester more.

What do you guys think?

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JudasScorpioDeMazier7/4/14 8:38am
I thought I was the only one who had the thought of a Rocky Horror Show/Dreamkeeper crossover.

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Korangar7/4/14 9:38pm
Wait, it's close to Halloween already ?!
I need to buy myself a calendar...

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TruthQuest10/2/14 8:50pm
The new contest is up, and someone needs to up-date this thread.

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MobileCrusader10/3/14 9:53am
I got it!

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DanWithTheHat10/5/14 3:52pm
Also, here is the link to the DK Deviant Art Gallery for the contest for people who want to browse the art as it's posted:

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ezioauditore9710/8/14 3:23pm
Cook up some awesome art people!Go!Go!Go!!!

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WiseOwlReader10/8/14 9:21pm
I'm probably going to write a story or something like that. I did say I'd do some haiku on the characters. I know Dave said there's no literature contest at the moment, at least til next year but I'd like to contribute something.

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Asora10/24/14 7:24pm
I imagine my DK having a alternate version of himself that acts almost completely different from him. I might create one piece of art work where my DK and his doble-ganger are battling to the death in the future for the DK Halloween. I thought that might me interesting, since the my alternate DK acts some-what like Alucard from the Hellsing Anime(s).

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MobileCrusader11/6/14 9:53am
I forgot to make a thing.

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