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Subscribe to this thread Nexus Interdimentional Bar & Grille Reboot- IC created by Habato on September 14, 2013

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joeden1/10/16 8:26am
On the inside of the device near the bottom left corner there was a flashing light that seemed to be connected to a circuit system. It looked like something important on the device.

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Hakuzo1/21/16 12:35pm
Tony watches the blinking light. It reminds him of Morse code but it was different some how. maybe that a key to this. He studied it as he figures out the way to open the device. Soon finding a panel he carefully pops it open.

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joeden1/21/16 1:39pm
As tony opens the panel he sees at least seven wires of different colors all neatly placed inside the panel connecting to different parts. The two prominent wires that seemed to stick out was the red and blue wires.

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Hakuzo2/13/16 1:15pm
Tony cuts the blue wire, knowing that the red wire is always a fake. ( sorry been dealing with a lot and haven't been around )

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joeden2/13/16 1:48pm
(no worries.)
As Tony cuts the wire the device shakes and a large square circuit board full of wires pillars and what seemed to be a ball of Dark matter Violently shaking in its glass container as the device's knobs and lights flashed and blinked. This was going to be a doozy to solve.

((you don't mind finishing the bomb thing in the next post I don't want to go into extreme detail on this. But don't make it to easy for Tony to solve because this is a weapon from an advanced empire that specializes in pure warfare and has developed such toys.))

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