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Subscribe to this thread ask DK character on tumblr created by Animefan18 on May 12, 2013

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Animefan186/9/13 11:38am
@T3rminal: then everything is according to plan, soon dreamkeepers will be even more popular

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T3rminal6/28/13 6:58am
Sooooo.....when we doin this shindig?

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Animefan186/28/13 8:27am
@T3rminal: as soon as AC: Black flag comes out XD j/k

until the people who chose the characters post an update ?

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T3rminal7/8/13 6:36am
I'll make one later today for Mace and Whip. Might make a separate account for Namah, or......

We could all just use one profile and people could ask specific characters. If that makes any sense.

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T3rminal7/8/13 6:47am
And it is up, in a very rough form. Still have to do a bunch of stuff to it, but that is open to the community.

password: dkrulesss

Yes yes, the password is lame. I just made it something that would be easy to remember.

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Animefan187/8/13 7:37am
@T3rminal : ooooohhhh can I see ?

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T3rminal7/8/13 12:11pm
thats why i put up the email and password. You can work on it if you want

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Animefan187/17/13 8:26pm
Idea: for the background we have can DK characters reacting to tumblr questions

here's one I did on Lilith:

notes: no Lilith is not nekked, it is a sketch.

I suck with attempted hand drawing at a small size, which explains why the arms are seperate and big.

failed at digitally inking image.

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T3rminal7/18/13 11:38am
I figured we could have them all surrounding a data scroll as the icon. Thought the starfall mountains or something would be a good background.

But hey, I am fine either way, i just wouldn't want the reactions blocked by the questions and answers.

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Animefan187/18/13 12:54pm
@T3rminal: 'I figured we could have them all surrounding a data scroll as the icon'

I had the same did you hack into my thoughts ? !

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T3rminal7/19/13 11:32am
black magic.

Just kidding, I implanted a little chip in your brain while you slept. nothing to worry about unless it malfunctions.

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ezioauditore9710/22/13 4:57am
If you really needed it I could draw it until you got a better artist to do it...Although I will not be available this weekend but rather the weekend after that.

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crazyhead426/3/15 12:01pm
Has this happened yet? If so, can I have the tumblr urls in question so I can follow them?

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