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Dreamkeepers Forums - Volume 4: "Descent to the Archives". Discussion Thread! [Spoilers]

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Subscribe to this thread Volume 4: "Descent to the Archives". Discussion Thread! [Spoilers] created by TruthQuest on May 1, 2013

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ezioauditore979/15/15 6:09pm
I do like these ideas very much!

6.I do rather doubt the Troopers had an easy go of it at least and would even find it likely they lost and expunged all records given that deploying in such a far-off area would be difficult given that telepads would be a big no-no and their other means of transportation aren't particularly agile or swift. It would make a very interesting period to explore and I love the notion of exploring the dynamic between Igrath,Scinter,and Ravat and seeing what made them into the characters they are in the current timeline.

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BryanDimmsdale9/16/15 10:37pm
2. But we clearly don't know that, don't we? It could either go both ways, are they the people that were exiled or protested away from Anduruna because of the major issues, or travelers and merchants came from an unknown land? My hunch is that they came from Serapis lands from far away, became travelers and refugees, and reached Anduruna.

6. The real question is, was Ravat with Igrath when the battle at the dunes started? And if Scinter did escape and help the traders/bandits, how were they able to accumulate a large amount of weaponry? I believe the merchants have them before they either escape or reached the deserts (depends on where your perspective is). You can say that the AnST has great arsenal advantage, it would seems like the bandits use for more powerful magic, and that's what causes the lost, I think?

I would like to discuss about Mace meeting Serapis though, she said he was the chosen one, but what would his powers be exactly? I really have a hunch guess that Mace's power would be seizing the flow of "life" and portal of the nightmares. He is like that boulder on that main road; he can kill them by just standing on their way when he activated his powers, but once he activated his powers, he can never stop them and slowly drains his life until he dies.

I would also say that Serapis seemed to know Mace like she met him a long time ago, during the silent centuries. Don't you think he doesn't somewhat belong to the present world he is in? Is that a part of him in the past that went amnesiac? Is it possible that he is a younger version of Wayraider?

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ezioauditore979/17/15 4:35am
It would be hilarious if he was transported to that era and somehow made younger and more bone-headed until the time came,hehe! That's a very interesting theory and though I doubt Dave'll use time travel very often perhaps that might happen or perhaps they were able to sense his birth and power and keep tabs on him subtly over time.

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Prometheus12/14/15 2:13pm
Could be Mace is Dayraider reincarnated. I would suspect that Dayraider would have to have been extremely powerful for a normal dreamkeeper to have stood up to Nabonidus during the Silent Centuries. Maybe Serapis decided to preserve his spirit somehow when it came time for his death and allowed him to be reborn later in the future, in case Nabonidus ever escaped the Archives.

Speaking of Mace and how this story will end, anyone who has kept up with the Wakfu series suspect that Mace might end up sealing himself in Bralgu and ruling the Nightmares for all eternity to ensure they never enter the Dreamworld again? Sort of like how Goultard ruled the Shushu for a few years before making it back to the World of Twelve.

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Connorses2/27/16 2:40pm
Frankly it almost made me cringe how cliche'd this stuff was starting to sound during Volume 4, and I usually LOVE this comic's style of storytelling.

There's ancient evil, which destroyed all the peoples, but it was sealed in a prison, but now it's escaped and the only one who can save everyone is the one young man with the unique Power that can only be unlocked by going on an EPIC JOURNEY.

Did anyone else feel like that plot was a bit too familiar?

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wildcard2/27/16 6:00pm
Meh, tropes exist for a reason.

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Kobalt952/27/16 8:10pm
The only part I found to be pretty cliche in Volume 4 was how Mace was called "The Chosen One" and the entire concept of one being with a super special power.

But honestly, there isn't a better name for this prophetic being other than "The Chosen One"? That's the only part where I was like... Eeehh...

But I have faith that they will put a unique spin on what we are expecting with these tropes, as they always have.

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Dawonguy8/1/16 12:41am
While I didn't like the turn the story seems to be taking with the whole chosen one thing, I have no doubt that Dave knows about this kind of plot and cliché and can do something unique to it.

Not sure if this has been brought up, but I think I found another parallel to scandals around the Clinton era. Well, specifically, right before the Clinton era. You see, in George H. W. Bush's last days of office, 6 people involved in the Iran-Contra scandal. Now, as you know, the Neon Knives were pardoned after their arrest, and if you look at the last page (118), you will see 5 members of the Neon Knives and according to a note below Tinsel's file from Informant 9, you will see that O'Naicul, the 6th pardoned Neon Knifes member, is MIA.

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wildcard9/15/16 5:08pm
So I noticed that the city flag is a five pointed star with a big letter "A" in it's center and the pentagram that Ravat is making at the end of the volume also has a large "A" in the center.



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Prometheus9/15/16 9:49pm
Yeah, it could just be coincidence and that's how the summoning circle is drawn out.

LOL, I just noticed Scuttler smoking a cigar in his chair. Must've borrowed one from Ravat. XD

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SuperTurbo411/18/17 3:37am
I've seen the dub for this, and I have one thing to say...

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