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Subscribe to this thread Tournament created by Grathiam on April 9, 2013

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AriaOutlander4/18/13 12:26pm
Truxon tensed up at Adian's reaction. He merely watched and listened. Such was as he was taught.

"Fair Enough, Adian. Lead on." He said, stepping aside, almost gentlemanly. He kept his halo up, though, ready at any time. He accidentally stepped on the ceramic, only shattering it more. "Oops.." He murmured, under his breath. He stopped time, checking his long hooves.

Yup. Nothing jabbing him. Time resumed again. He was fine. For now. He kept a close watch on Adian, though. If he so much as flinched, he'd stop time, to put space between the two. A good bit of space. And he wouldn't take his time getting away, either. His power could last a long time, but, he'd have to wait that exact duration before he could stop time again. Prevented loopholes in time, he'd suppose.

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Esayo4/18/13 12:33pm
Adian let out a slight huff, but strode onward down the cave. His ear flicked back at Truxton, and subtly he picked up on the anxiety around them.

Just because the guy didn't seem dangerous, didn't mean he wasn't. He kept his palm rested against the butt of the blade's handle, swishing his tail around in front of him as if to hide it.

It wasn't long until they exited the mouth of the cave, and stepped into the arena to await their fates.

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AriaOutlander4/18/13 5:26pm
Truxton stood next to him. Obviously unharmed, the darks and nightmares alike would be quite mad. He waved to the crowd, if it was truely there or not, his halo still alight. It looked to be shifting and buzzing with energy, but that was only how his halo always was. He quietly mouthed to Adian:

"Hey, I'll put my trust in you, as long as it's mutual, alright, Adian?" He murmured, still a bit anxious about being near someone with.. such unusual mannerisms. But then he got an Idea. A really good one. Adian might not like it, at all, though. Better to tell him about it before doing it, though.

'Probably best if I didn't.. though.. Ugh. I'll wait before I tell him. See how things go.'

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joeden4/19/13 9:37am
Ollow helped the other keeper up and introduced him self, then said "we should probably start moving." He finished pointing towards the light and began moving towards it.

Patrick tried to introduce himself, but the other keeper was terrified of his brother/pet millipede; around his neck and the odd bug skittering across him. He said in a bit of a blank voice "yea... well we should probably head for the light it's better then sitting in the dark."

van looked over to the other keeper pushing his sword away and started to say in a bit of an annoying voice 'Well looks like i struck stupid... you are stupid right? working with nightmares? ah well anyways i can kill them but lets not fight we need to get to the arena; here's the plan we find big nightmare, make it mad and hope not to get eaten sound good to you?" before he let the other keeper say anything he let out another burst of his voice. "good i knew you'd see things my way now lets go!" he then skipped down the hall playing the game twenty one questions which was really the never ending question game.

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