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Subscribe to this thread Replacers. created by PacifistWarcries on March 3, 2013

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PacifistWarcries3/3/13 11:16pm
People are making nightmares, and dreamkeepers, but what about actual races?

I was just having some normal insomnia, when the idea of replacers came into my head. Basically they are like nightmares, but instead of attacking humans, they use them for other purposes. Of course they would still have to kill the dreamkeeper, but instead of disappearing to warp into someone's mind to make their heads explode or something, they more or less posses them or open them up to be possessed, or other things.

I'm sure you guys could elaborate on it more, even use it in a roleplay if you want, just a cool idea I had.

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CalvinCopyright3/4/13 5:42am
Heh, now that's one idea that I can't tell whether it's canon or not. Probably not, actually, but still...

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Tricky3/8/13 11:30pm
I like that idea. Especially because it can be used to explain insanity in people, or why someone snaps and goes on a killing frenzy. Fictional things that have ties in the real world are kind of cool to me, and can be especially creepy in a horror context if done right.

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CalvinCopyright3/9/13 7:19am
Well, what do nightmares do to people when their dreamkeepers are killed? We know they basically attack our consciousnesses, but what are the effects? Maybe, if it's a weak Nightmare, it just makes us get and keep the type of horrifying dream-nightmare that absolutely ALWAYS happens every time you go to sleep, and if it's a strong one, it induces the type of insanity that needs a padded cell.

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AriaOutlander4/2/13 9:02am
*a padded cell with a heavy iron door, a straight jacket, and a thick blast door to seal the first entrance.

(sorry, but insanity is fun.)

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CalvinCopyright4/4/13 4:32pm
Yeah, that's what'd happen if Lord Void got into your mind.

Maybe Nabby too.


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