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Subscribe to this thread Fan Soundtrack Stuff created by Tramper on March 2, 2013

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Tramper3/2/13 6:37pm
Yo, I know I'm not much online here. Busy IRL, prepping a 14th century kit for living history and stuff.

But I'm not here to talk about that, I'm here to talk I did manage to do. Namely finish the Fan Soundtrack for the 7th Chapter. Which probably doesn't sound like much. :/ Well~, I guess it still counts considering it's about as long as the entire Soundtrack I made for Volume 1.

So... Here's a youtube Playlist:

It contains a total of 16 songs, which are the following:
1. The Right To Rule
2. Contender's Accord
3. Deja-You
4. Perfect Places
5. Unity
6. Prepping The Guillotine
7. Rendezvous
8. Field Trip
9. A Dungeon Crawl
10. Split The Group
11. The Fun Times Of Wisp And Tinsel ~ Neat, Huh?
12. Tinsel's Games
13. Wherever We Go Next
14. Braggery
15. The Nursemaid and the Girl Beneath Deck
16. Though Obscene

And... uhm, it's awesome, so go listen! Still no wubs, though. Still trying to figure that one out. Maybe in the next chapter. Considering how I've been enlisted as a composer for the animated project it also contains a lot more electronical stuff than the previous soundtracks. Experimentality and stuff, so critique is even more appreciated than usually.

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Esayo3/3/13 7:19pm
can't even begin to describe how awesome this is.

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Tramper8/18/13 5:58pm
Okay, it's been a while. I finished Chapter 8 and 9, so they're like, here:

and here:

In total with chapter 7 that makes 43 songs and over 1 hour 30 minutes of music. So, yeah... This comic is apparently really inspiring for stuff like this.

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MobileCrusader2/19/14 8:57pm
Wow... I really hope this gets picked up again fro Vol 4.

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Tramper3/30/16 2:24pm
A'ight, finally got around to starting my work on volume 4. There's an official soundtrack now, which might be more pleasant to the ears, but if you feel like it, you can check out my own, horrible stuff:

These are the three songs I've done until this point, or at least the ones I've released. If you like them, go check out my youtube account, there's lots more music there. If not, either tell my why then ignore me or just ignore me, it's all up to you. :D

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Prometheus3/31/16 8:58pm
All right! I've been wondering when we'd get more music from ya. Your stuff is great. Thanks for composing. :D

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Ferrous4/26/16 1:00pm
This stuff is Top Notch. Keep up the good work!

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Tramper3/30/17 11:34am
It's been a while since my last post. I've had a lot of stuff happening irl, such as starting my apprenticeship in geriatric care and didn't really focus on anything creative for a while. Over the 2016 and 17, I did manage, however, to make some music for the fourth volume. Right now I've done soundtrack stuff for both the tenth and eleventh chapter, as well as a few as of yet unposted songs for the twelfth.

I know there's an actual soundtrack now, which also far eclipses anything I've ever done, but hey, it's fun to make up music for the comic.

Either way, Imma link you the playlists:

fan Soundtrack Chapter 10: Throat of Stone

1. Brace Yourself, Sir Noteworthy
2. No Answers In Lockers
3. Questions Later, Obedience Now
4. The Intro Tour
5. Faces Of The Troika
6. The Party Leaves ~ Med Station Mumblings
7. The Job We Do Is Not An Easy One
8. We Have A Chance To Solve It
9. Before We Head Down There
10. I'll Trade You For That
11. Time For Some People To Disappear
12. The Road To Glory
13. Don't Leave Me In The Dark
14. The Wisps, They Gather

Chapter 11: Echoes

15. No Time For Bullshit
16. Survivors Ought To Know Better
17. Downwards ~ Powers
18. Descent And Dissent
19. Fading Sense
20. Breathe
21. A Dream Of Red
22. Through Darkness And Uncertainty
23. The Popstar And The Poet
24. Echoes

Apart from that I have the first fan soundtrack on Bandcamp: - obviously for no money whatsoever, because fanwork and such.

And a bit of a teaser for the twelth chapter fan soundtrack:

I'll probably edit that song for the final release, we'll see.

Either way, do enjoy the music. :D

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