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Subscribe to this thread Tinsel created by Mom on February 25, 2013

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BryanDimmsdale5/3/15 3:37am
I'm gonna bet that Tinsel is more of an Anti-Hero than a villain. I really want her to be on the good side. :(

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Kirito5/3/15 7:26am
That would tie in with my Ravat Anti-hero theory nicely, seeing how they're working together.

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wildcard9/4/15 5:50am
I didn't read the whole thread but did anyone bring up Tinsel being Grunn's ex-wife?

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Kirito9/4/15 3:34pm
I've just went through the thread, @wildcard. Looks like the topic hasn't been brought up yet!

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Prometheus9/4/15 7:57pm

You must be going off that bit of dialogue in V2 between Grunn, Igrath and Scinter. Grunn was simply saying he would take care of Tinsel if it came down to it. Igrath tried to quip about how Grunn couldn't even handle his ex-wife. I don't think either of them were insinuating that Tinsel was his ex-wife.

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NatChon9/4/15 10:10pm
Grunn's ex, no. But I do believe that they knew each other in the past.

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wildcard9/5/15 1:22pm
The dialogue in V2 suggests some kind of familiarity, and given that there isn't anymore info on his ex I'm sure she'll make some kind of appearance later, if she hasn't already.
It's conceivable to me that Tinsel and the ex are the same person.

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NatChon9/5/15 7:15pm
I just thought about this but she could be his ex. She convinced him to kill Igrath's wife and gave him those coins to keep it on the down low. That is why he is so hesitant to answer the questions that people ask him about them. Like in V3 when he found out that the coins were gone. He said they gave um tuh meh (I think those were his exact words) when he was asked who gave them to him, he was hesitant to answer.

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Kirito9/6/15 2:20pm
This is an interesting one.

I don't believe that Tinsel is Grunn's ex. It's possible, yes, but to me it isn't likely. I just can't see Tinsel being his wife other than to manipulate him like she is with Vis. Calah.

@Natchon; jumping to your theory about Igrath's wife. I highly doubt that Grunn killed Fae Winters. Murder is not something to take lightly. If he had in fact committed the crime, I think that he would be unbelievably uncomfortable around Igrath. In addition, he wouldn't be in the Troika unless he was a spy for Nabonidus. Him murdering Fae would have such drastic consequences I think it would be known. I personally believe in the popular theory of Ravat killing Fae and pinning Igrath. (Read BryanDimmsdale's, Prometheus's, and my own theory on the matter (among many others) here:

--V4 Spoilers Here---

As for the coins; I always assumed he obtained them from his journey to the Isle of Logos. They're special non-lucre coins that aren't from Anduruna (and thus actually worth something). I think that the reason why he's uncomfortable talking about them is because his whole crew (presumably?) died on the journey, and thus he's probably somewhat traumatized from the experience.

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NatChon9/7/15 1:45pm
It's just a theory. I have not read v4 yet so I don't know certain things that you may know.

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Prometheus7/1/16 8:29pm
--V4 Spoilers--

So, as we could see from V4, Tinsel is helping to get Calah re-elected in the upcoming elections. I guess that's one of the duties of a politician at her level.

Now, she is in the hands of the Troika, being used as some kind of a scout by Nabonidus to find out how strong they are. Makes me wonder how that's going to work if they keep Tinsel locked up in one room. I also wonder how she's even going to get out of there, if at all.

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Animefan187/4/16 10:41pm
seduction...she's a pro at it

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SuperTurbo43/24/18 6:31am
A seductive, manipulative femme fatale with living hair....

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