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Subscribe to this thread What's Up People?! created by Riftun on February 19, 2013

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Riftun2/19/13 8:44pm
Hey everybody finally found these new forums everyone's been talking so much about. :3 Nicekinda cozy I like it. . .I'm keeping it >.>' *hordes all of forum to self*

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Thegunner182/20/13 5:32am
Hey there! You haven't missed out on much, so don't worry :3 Hope you like the new forums as much as I do even if there still are a few bugs to iron out. :) See you around!

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Riftun2/20/13 3:21pm
So far they seem great XD really gonna delve into 'em tonight :3

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Esayo2/20/13 3:46pm
Welcome to the forums, have fun delving! \oDo/

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Roan2/20/13 6:31pm
Hey Rift! Nice to see you here. ^ ^

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Riftun2/20/13 8:35pm
Good to be here XD and hey! My avatr actually works here X3

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Hakuzo2/20/13 8:41pm
Welcome to the dreamland. Just watch out for Kirby.... Wait... wrong dreamland >>;...

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Riftun2/20/13 9:31pm
Spirits! O.O if Kirby were here. . .imagine the devastation >.>' so many powers to be consumed

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Tricky3/1/13 5:39pm
Woah...just thought of that. Could one even imagine the chaos that would ensue if the Dreamworld and the Dreamland were to mysteriously connect?

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ListenLoudly3/2/13 7:48am
HA! Yeah. Kirby's power is definitely O.P. in the DK world. He'd just need to eat Wisp, Bast, and Lilith. The carnage!

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ezioauditore973/2/13 8:06am
Kirby after getting all of those powers would be death incarnate for sure!

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