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Subscribe to this thread Nabonidus created by CalvinCopyright on February 19, 2013

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ST34LTH1/12/15 11:20pm
Yeah, I get the idea that the original eradication was actually derailed by Nabby himself too, given what the Scuttler says. Hell, with what you suggest (which I have to agree with), then Nabby might actually have been one of the original adversaries of nightmares in the old wars, but changed side for whatever reason.

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Prometheus1/13/15 11:47am
He probably saw an opportunity to take control of the Nightmares and keep them all on a tight leash, so he took it. I'm pretty sure even without Void, the Nightmares would still go on a worldwide killing spree. Thanks to Nabonidus, when the dreamkeepers survived years before, he has kept the Nightmares from doing anything.

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crazyhead422/28/15 10:21pm
Ether this thread or the Wiki has the i in the wrong place.

Anyway, is he peering through Namah's shadow here? Is that something Nightmares can do?

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Kymastrider3/17/15 5:06pm
It should be no secret at this point that volume 4 takes place in the caverns bellow the sabaton towers. Here is a preview sketch from last year that show's Nabonidus down in the caverns.

Now we know that Tendril Follows them down to the caverns to try and kill them, But I'm going to presume when Tendril fail's yet again. Nabonidus decides to take matters into his own hands and goes down to kill them himself? or at least that's my theory on why he's down there.

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Prometheus3/22/15 10:50am

He could simply be spying on them. I don't think he'll kill them out-right just yet. I sense there's more to Mace that Nabonidus wants and Mace's friends are there to unintentionally help the Nab to get what he wants. By helping Mace, they could be helping Nabonidus in the long run. Besides, isn't it customary for the Big Baddy to let the hero and his friends live until near the end of the tale?

>inb4 Dave kills off the doomed-to-die Main Five member using Nabonidus early in the story just to prove he's not a typical storywriter. XD

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Kymastrider5/15/15 9:36am
One thing I want to know is how Nabonidus just magically knows where Lilith and Namah are? He had no way of know that they were going to be randomly teleported to, but Wisp and that big red nightmare intercepted them, plus when he's talking to Tendril he makes a 3D image Lilith and Namah, So can he just magically see where they are everywhere in the dream world, and if so then there not safe no matter where they run to.

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Prometheus5/15/15 8:19pm

I think its been speculated before that Nabby has the power to foresee someone's future. He may already know when, where and how everything is going to happen just by looking at someone and seeing their fate. That way, he can alter their fate to his liking.

Speculation, of course, but it seems a likely cause for how the Darks and Nightmares have been tracking down and attacking the group since the orphanage attack.

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Kirito7/15/15 10:58am

The ban on spoilers was lifted. So here we go.

Nabonidus is seen disguised as a politician. Furthermore, this proved that Steve The Mysterious White Eyed Orphan was in fact Nabonidus in volume 1.

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Lycanphoenix10/12/15 3:57pm
I noticed that a bit later than everyone else, evidently. I wonder how long he has been there, just watching.

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