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Subscribe to this thread TWC placing!!! created by ezioauditore97 on February 18, 2013

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ezioauditore972/18/13 5:39am
Hello with prelude presumably wrapping up fairly soon we should try to push on TWC and get it's placing higher.Come on!We can do it!

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Avolendi2/18/13 3:36pm
I wouldn't call it 'wrapping up' even if things would get close to the cut-off before the GNS, since there are more backstories to unravel. However even if Bobby ends up leaving the orphanage, that doesn't mean the Mace/Whip and Namah/Lilith archs will stop. If I'm not mistaken, there's still quite the age difference between everyone in the prelude and GNS, so enough room for more preludes ^^


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ezioauditore972/18/13 7:34pm
Good point....However Dave has stated that he intended to publish a compilation of prelude or maybe
this is just the first compilation.....Who knows?

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MrAerospace2/18/13 8:01pm
I'm guessing that means he intends to market the prelude series alongside the GNS as a paperback.

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ezioauditore973/3/13 7:43pm
Well exclusive wallpapers for those that vote are always a good incentive......

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MrAerospace3/3/13 10:11pm
Just a few questions:
Now I vote whenever I get the chance, but I am curious as to how ranking higher on the TWC list would change things for a web-comic? I mean assuming all web-comics have a similar core fan-base voting away roughly 30 times a month, what benefit does the list have other than to display how many core fans (plus incentivised voters) there are for each comic?
Also would a concentrated month of voting (with or without incentives) actually increase the readership much? If our voting isn't what is attracting new voters (and thus increasing the overall capacity of votes in the long term)...then is the increased effort worth it?

What I guess I'm trying to get at is this: Is the TWC list a measure of popularity or a way to increase popularity?

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Kobalt953/4/13 6:14pm
Well, being on the top of a list measuring popularity may in turn increase popularity as well- since people may want to take a look at "the most popular" one to see what the hype is about. Possibly...

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ezioauditore973/4/13 6:34pm
Well people usually consider the top 10 or 20 so it would help.

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DanWithTheHat3/4/13 7:38pm
One thing to consider is that there are a bunch of web-comics that are either far down on the list because they don't have incentives or aren't even on the list that are also relatively popular and have large fan bases. The rankings are definitely not a true measure of popularity.

That said, I'm sure getting DK to the top 10 or 20 on the list for a month or two would attract at least a few new comic readers to take a look at Dreamkeepers. More good publicity like that wouldn't hurt. It's just really tough to get near the top of the list without incentives.

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ezioauditore973/8/13 6:34am
Just throwing that out there.

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Animefan185/1/13 7:27am
whoo new month, lets do this ! ! !

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Animefan186/7/13 2:09pm
we need to find ways to get more votes any suggestions ?

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joeden6/7/13 2:20pm
voiting more then once and from deferment computers if possible.

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Animefan186/7/13 6:45pm
here are some possibilities: 1.if you have a game console that can surf the net, you can vote once 2. if you go to school, in a class with computers you can vote once, but you can again only using a different computer (library) on your cellphone.

I do all three, but there is something special with #3

special #3: basically voting on cellphone, but instead of voting once, you vote multiple times, to do this you have to vote, but look at the time you voted (ex: 8:23), after an hour has passed vote again but on a different time(ex: 9:24) now I don't know if work on your cellphones also,

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CalvinCopyright6/17/13 7:41pm
I have a suggestion to get more votes. I suggested this on last week's chat, but Dave wasn't sure he could program it.

Write a simple automated email bot that sends a reminder to vote to everyone on an opt-in mailing list at 6 each morning.

Sounds good to me, except Dave and I don't know how to write email bots. Anyone wanna try?

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