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Dante10/20/19 11:31pm
Name: Dante Affinity ^_^

Age: Old enough to be exiled for powers abuse? Who wants to know?

Place of Birth: They blacklisted my citizenry profile, but some paper pusher, somewhere, has a copy on file saying Kojiki – particularly on Kittim. We would eventually move to Margate, though I live near Calypsa now.

Sex: I have a tadpole squirter and consider myself 100% boy. Ra-ra! Boo-ya!

Species: Dreamkeeper. Err... blue red-panda fennec fox.

Status: Ran away before exile charges could be instated. Bet I caused a ton of paperwork! Suck on that, pooper troopers!

Alliance: I'm friends with monsters. Does that make me a Dark Dreamkeeper?

Physical Description: Be on the lookout for one super dashing young lad. Goes by the name Dante and is a twilight-blue red-panda fennec-fox dreamkeeper, five feet tall, 95 pounds. Typically butt nakers (It's Talocan culture! :D), but may occasionally be sneaky and wear a fuzzy warm zip-up hoody with three hearts patched on one arm and nothing underneath. Hates pants. Also owns a pair of steampunk goggles – doubtless he's using this to mask his true identity from city authorities if he needs to be sneaky-plus-plus (stealth mode ACTIVE!). Often frequents swimming holes, his tree-fort library, forests and caves. Oh, and he knows his power and is friends with tentacle monsters. So wear your extra safety protection bazookas because otherwise you'll be screwed! You hear me?! Screwed!

Actually. No . Please don't kill me!!! My power can't even hurt anyone! I was exiled for having the power of friendship! FRIENDSHIP! No one is exiling the cast of My Little Kerrick! They're all as guilty as me, I tell you! Guilty as SIN! Take them, not me!!!


Skills: Oh yeah! I can swim, and easily get myself lost in the forest and read! Yeah, that's a skill! Oh, I'm good at sleeping, too.

Job: I routinely sneak into the city and get lucre from my parents.


Did you think I was some kind of bandit or beggar? Nope! Only Anduruna Central City Authority hates me, not Mom or Dad. They still love me. So take that! Hah! I also occasionally do things for monster friends for a little extra play money. No murderings or rumors of murderings, though. Otherwise deals off. There are plenty of moral opportunities being a dark dreamkeeper, you just have to ask about them.


History: Ask me! It'll be more fun! I promise. And it makes it easier to lie then in an OOC forum.

Or you could hack the Central City Authority. They know EVERYTHING about me. And you, too! Well, up until I left of course. But even now, I wave every time I pass a CCA-TV camera. I imagine there is a nice old man on the other end who overlooks my transgressions... unless he was demoted there from my dumpster-bins of unfinished paperwork. Then he's probably not at his post, but actively hunting me down... armed with a fanny-pack of cheap state-issued pens. “We will finish this, Dante. Till the last form signature is inked... and banishment processing fees are paid in full. Justice will be served!”


Personality: Apparently this online quiz was TL;DR? O_O

My Power: Behold! Dante's crimes, for which he deserves eternal exile! Look upon his deeds and remember we made an example of this boy, you grovelling worms!


My power. My power is charm.

Well, technically speaking, my power, which causes an embarrassing neon-pink halo, aligns/extends a person or monsters (or animals?) hypostatiated personality in a way that causes them to like me. For dreamkeepers, even if they don't know about it, if we share a mutual aspect that they would want to pursue like friendship, protection or sexy times, it strongly encourages these motivations. That's alignment. If they have no reason to like me, it does nothing. I like listening to video game music, and you do to! But currently you're raising a 2x4 over my head. If I activate my power, you suddenly remember you love game music and feel I might, too, making killing me a waste of a potentially awesome person! You ask, and I happily take the chance to tell you my favorite song from Dreemurtale and you realize killing me is a bad idea because no one that likes dancing to Dreemurtale can be that bad! Soon, we're both not wearing pants and dancing to Toby Socks' greatest hits like nobodies watching :D.

However, Nightmares never have such interests. In fact, it's contrary to their very definition. So, that's where the extend bit comes in. A monster is like the idea of a chair. Chairs are bad screw-drivers. But! Imagine if you could change the fundamental nature of a chair (it's “chairness”) and give it excellent screw-driver-esque qualities! You changed what it means to be a chair and though it's impossible to imagine, you can turn a screw with said chair. My power changes the personal definition of existence for any nightmare it is applied to. It can give them the need for companionship, nurturing or snu snu that they would have if they did, and can then use those to align with me. It's like these features were imaginary numbers that were suddenly rotated into the real number line. If the woodchuck wouldn't chuck wood, even if it could, however, it also does nothing. *But it might create a relationship with one of my other friends.

The upside of this? I don't get eated.

The initial reality of this? It gives the monster conflicted objectives that it now tries to fit together. It's inclined to like you, but still not inclined to be entirely good at playing with others. You have buttons. They wanna push them in strange ways. This may also change their physiology because this tends to reflect a Nightmares inner nature. They may molt their dangerous attributes or they may gain new bizarre ways to express their newfound motivations... including freaky sex. Rule #1 starting off with this power. I am NOT in control. I am a toy for monsters that they just don't want to rip the arms off of because I'm more fun to play with and/or cute. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy the experience. It's just that my expressions of autonomy are perceived as bratty, as they desire my submission, not my inner growth.

Eventually, with practice, careful use and luck, I can work to adjust these changes to an actual relationship of sorts, convincing them to ignore their original inclinations. I'm learning how to build more equitable friendships, based around common interests, respect, or finding protectors who will keep me safe in a world filled with creatures eager to eat me or worse. I'm small, I look way too edible. It also helps that the power doesn't fade rapidly with time, so I don't have to keep it active while I sleep. Nightmares remain 'changed' by my power every bit as much as they would be if their leg was burned off by a fireball power.

My power also has an area-of-effect impact based upon “social” distance from me. That is to say, my friends and family are also safe from being eated by monsters I know. Which is good, because I never checked under my bed at home to see if there was a secret entrance to Bralgu. On the flip side, my social web isn't infinite. I can only know so many dreamkeepers or monsters with my power before relationships start to fade. I have a few friends... and I have acquaintances. Luckily, the memories don't fade and even if they no longer feel inclined to cuddle-maul me, they still communicate with other nightmares, letting them know that I'm not food. But if you're friends with me, halo-formed monster friends and dreamkeepers will treat you accordingly, even if I haven't told them about you at all, though you may end up aligning your own self to their interests.

The final attribute of my power (hooray, the end!), and what got me in serious trouble, is that it's relatively easy to activate, but hard to control. It can come on just by scaring me, or bullying me, or even kissing me. Either way, I have hard time stopping it and the first time this happened, I was in class, half the kids screamed and the other half laughed because my halo was pink and I looked reasonably mortified as the teacher looked on in disbelief. Either way, one, or several of them, turned me in... several times. It didn't help that my halo came on when the CCA were standing there (I was scared). So, here I am, while Starfall Splash and Scuttleshy go free. The system was out to get me, I tell you!


Pics: Oh! Yeah, I have pictures! Here's the one I recently left for my parents to send to their relations and my previous friends so they know I'm alive and safe.

And another picture of me in my hoody of happiness,

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