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Subscribe to this thread Webcomics created by p3nguin32 on February 18, 2013

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RubahaParen4/6/13 8:26am
There is another great webcomic - "A Redtail's Dream" by Minna Sundberg

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T3rminal4/8/13 11:03am
I am Arg
Dresden Codak
Off White
Nerf this

Comics that i didn't see on here, but i do so enjoy.

Carry on citizens

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Khyron4/22/13 12:29pm
Oh man. Webcomics, how do I love thee? You keep my boring days at work interesting and exciting. I have so very, very, very many that I read on a regular basis.

My favorite webcomics :

Dreamkeepers : Prelude, for obvious reasons.

Everblue, basically waterworld only not lame. :
Spinnerette, spiderman if he were sexy and even more awesome :
Gunnerkrigg Court, school in the land of the weird and fun :
Amya, Fun fantasy webcomic :
Sandra and Woo, Girl-calvin and Raccoon-Hobbes. IT OWNS! :
Gaia, Magical fantasy by author of Sandra and woo :
Grrl Power, What if Namah was a superhero with a spicy-food fetish? :
Dr. McNinja, an awesome and off-the-wall comic about a Doctor who's a Ninja. :

Others mentioned in this thread include Prequel (I'm a TES fanatic, what can I say), Girl Genius, Erfworld, Order of the Stick,

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joeden4/22/13 7:45pm
one of my favorite comics it's funny and the comments are also funny as hell don't believe me here this is what one conversation was in the comments XD

(well one part of it)

Of course the parents are fine with you corrupting their offspring’s young minds.
You could of said something like “The kids and I are going to go form a zombie apocalyptic death cult.” What they would probably hear is “I’ll take the kids off your hands for a few hours every week.”

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GodofVelcro4/24/13 7:53pm
8-bit Theater
A comic I haven't seen in forever, but just found again

I really like the mind games on this one

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Tenebrae6/5/13 7:49pm
Some really good comics I haven't seen mentioned yet:
slightly damned

Zebra Girl

and then i'll add some more love for Sequential Art-love that comic so much!

Slightly Damned's a good story with decent art, getting close to 600 pages IIRC. Highly recommended.
Zebra Girl's art starts out sketchy, but improves quite nicely. more importantly, its writing is excellent. Pretty funny initially (and it does remain pretty amusing, just less often).
It actually becomes quite intense, and a FANTASTIC example of character development. Also has a pretty decent pagecount.

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joeden6/5/13 8:01pm
Drow tales is a good one.

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Tenebrae6/10/13 10:30am
Ooh, yes Drow Tales. It's so loooooooooong though. I love that it updates 6 times a week though. They've got a pretty large team working on it.

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joeden6/10/13 10:32am
I'm far behind thoe it sucks but i`m reading as fast as i can with what time i got.

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dyingdutchman7/5/13 1:13am
dreamkeepers (ofcourse)
slightly damned
intergalactic truckstop
sequential art
trance (contains nsfw)
shades of grey not the kind with "50" in front of it

i've read a lot more then just these but here are those i find myself returningevery time for updates

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MobileCrusader4/29/14 7:27pm
Im really pumped for the new King arc in Housepets!

I love King.

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Korangar4/30/14 4:46am
I enjoy DK, Twokind, Prequel, Lackadaisy.
That is all the webcomics i ever read.

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MobileCrusader5/1/14 8:33am
I read a lot of webcomics. Housepets! Is reallyvreally funny... Prolly the funiest webcomic I read.

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CoSinus5/1/14 12:24pm
Comic strips for the bad days, always had to smile when I read one of them.
The comic itself stopped for a reboot, but there are nearly 10 years of weekly updates in the comics´ archives

Catena Cafe

Description on the website :
Catena Manor is a comic about a bunch of cats (with no visible means of support) who live in a mansion somewhere in Southern California – and somehow manage not to kill each other. Most of the recent comics have “story arcs” that spin a tale and try to get a laugh or three as they go.

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p3nguin326/23/14 10:36pm
Hello again everyone! Found a new webcomic to add here. Oddly enough, it is a comic that is MLP:FIM based but reads more like a D&D gaming group. I originally checked it out on a lark and came away impressed, even though its mostly just panels taken from the show with dialog focused on creating a narrative. I found that it does that surprisingly well. I suggest giving it a shot.

Friendship is Dragons:

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