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Subscribe to this thread Webcomics created by p3nguin32 on February 18, 2013

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p3nguin322/18/13 1:13am
well, seeing as we read this comic, i'm fairly sure we all have our favorites; so here is a spot to share the ones you like and maybe find some new ones to get addicted to. I might as well start it off:

Furry comics:
SSDD: hhtp://
Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures:
Faux Pas:
Original Life/Better Days:
Jack: nsfw and probably your sanity)
Bear nuts (think carebears on crack):

SCIENCE!! comics:
Girl Genius:
Project Skin Horse:

D&D/fantasy comics:
Dungeons and Denizens:
Looking for Group:
The Order of the Stick:

Something Positive:
Eerie Cuties:
Penny Arcade:
Kagerou (has some nsfw content):
Evil Inc.:

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ezioauditore972/18/13 7:45pm
Good choices!

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p3nguin322/18/13 11:55pm
thanks, though now that i think back on it there were a few i forgot to mention, mainly because they already ended. Sadly, i've forgotten the names of most of them, but the one i do remember is 8-bit theater

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DarkAnge12/19/13 2:50am
Hey, great idea! Not too long ago, I was wondering where on the forum I could suggest some of my (other) favorites. Of course it never occured to me to make a new thread. It never does ^^;

Oh well, here's my suggestions:

JollyJack's "Sequental Art"
One of my personal favorites (one that actually rivals my love for Prelude) is a nice little "slice of life" strip...well except for the fact that humans share the world with anthropomorphic animals (furries). And the alien invasions. And secret government organizations. Demonic entities too. Yep, big ol' slice.
And at 800+ strips (at this time), I can think of worse ways to waste an afternoon.

My first. *blushes*
Another "furry" comic, but other than that, it really *is* a slice of life strip. mostly dealing with geek culture/humor. Might seem a bit dated for some of you young "whipper snappers", though.
I was actually introduced to this one years ago when I picked up a printed collection at a comic shop back in 2000. These days (and for awhile now) it's only been updating 3-4 strips at a time once a month, but considering it's been going since 1996...Another wasted afternoon ^_~

Video game humor. In fact if you're not a fairly devout gamer most of the humor will be over your head.
There *was* a slice of (gamer) life storyline, but the creator ended that fairly recently (on an oddly bittersweet note I might add). Still, if you're a gamer...

Warning! NSFW!
Warning! Funny as hell!
Mostly sex humor set in a fantasy world. Sometimes there's a story, other times...well, not.

"Go Get a Roomie!"
Also NSFW. Heartwarming & sexy story of a free-spirited girl called Roomie. *NOT* for homophobes (f**k those guys anyway).

NSFW. Dear god - NSFW.
Psychos, Highlanders, & hookers, oh my!

NSF...oh wait, this one's totally safe. Could be marketed as birth control though.
Let me put it this way: Imagine a whole class of Namahs.
Awesome...or horrifying? Depends on whether or not they're *your* responsibility.

"Girls with Slingshots"
Another slice of life. Funny with charming (I think) characters. Deals in mature subject matter (though still SFW).

"Broken Plot Device"
Creator called it quits on this one (in webcomic form, at least), which is a damn shame, 'cause I really liked this one.
I *do* hope she comes back to these characters one day.

"DreamKeepers: Prelude"
.........Y'know what? Look it up. You'll like it. Trust me.

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SerafinoDragonTamer2/19/13 9:03am
Vibe (

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DanWithTheHat2/19/13 6:59pm
Lackadaisy just got updated yesterday with 7 new pages! It is also one of my favorite webcomics.

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Thegunner182/20/13 5:57am
TwoKinds is a brilliant comic. I absolutely love it. It's been nice to see how the art in that webcomic has improved over the years.

If you like The Elder Scrolls, be it Skyrim, Oblivion, or just the whole damn franchise, then have a gander at this webcomic calles Prequel:

It's got a nice style to it and takes inspiration from Homestuck. Like Homestuck, the reader can influence the story. It's also got a good mix of still pictures and animated ones. All in all, it's something to check out if you're a fan of TES. :D

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ezioauditore972/21/13 8:23pm
You know Penny Arcade always has funny gaming and nerd jokes....Good choices!

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xir11110112/22/13 9:49am
I love QC: Questionable Content. Quite funny, and atm over 2000 strips. (Not due to poor art quality, but just cause they've been around a while)

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xenocalypse3/2/13 3:44am
Bear and Tiger was cool, but the author has since stopped updating it.

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p3nguin323/2/13 8:30pm
its always sad when that happens. was reading one called "platinum grit" that just stopped updating, and has been on hiatus for about 2 years i think.

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TinFoilHats3/5/13 3:21pm
Here's what I like to read:
-Dreamkeepers Prelude(obviously)
-Romantically Apocalyptic

And thats all I can think of at the moment.

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HazzardousEco3/5/13 7:12pm
If you have to select only a few video game webcomics, makee sure this gets on the list:

Nerf Now!

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xenocalypse3/8/13 12:43am
Well regardless, here is my current watch list:
Dreamkeepers (Betcha ya couldn't guess that one)
Collected Curios (Enteraing, still updating, quite a large archive so far)
Ballerina Mafia (I'd technically call this hiatus, updates every 1-3 weeks)
(^Worth noting same artist does concessions which was good)
Housepets! (Already mentioned, but I will also mention it, it's really good)
Jay Naylor's stuff in general.

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p3nguin323/11/13 11:04pm
re-edited my original post to include links to each web comic for easy access. enjoy!

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