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Dreamkeepers Forums - Are We Dead?

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Subscribe to this thread Are We Dead? created by PowerButton on January 25, 2018

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PowerButton1/25/18 11:55am
Is anyone out there? It's been a SUPER long time.

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joeden1/26/18 11:59am
I'm still here mostly

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PowerButton1/26/18 3:09pm
oh my god another survivor 8D

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TalkedSpy2/2/18 3:21pm
Yeah, the forums are dead. Like, dead DEAD. Everyone moved over to Discord now.

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AlextheTeknian2/4/18 6:29am
Except me Im still around, such a nice well made site would be a shame to go to waste. just gonna comment on the Prelude and the upcoming Dreamkeepers volumes.

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PowerButton2/4/18 2:00pm
in all seriousness though, this is way more people than I thought would be around

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TalkedSpy2/5/18 6:34am
Yeah. It's unfortunate that it had to go out this way, but despite it being three years since V4 released, the community is still very much alive...just not here that is. I don't know if the forums will ever be active again like before once V5 rolls in, but we'll see.

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PowerButton2/5/18 3:31pm
ya'll wanna do something about that?

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TalkedSpy2/5/18 5:18pm
I can't do anything about it. If the forum is dead for good, we have the Discord channel as a great substitute. Everyone seems to prefer it more than here.

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PowerButton2/5/18 5:36pm
alright, solid

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