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Subscribe to this thread Halloween Ideas created by PrototypeBast on August 17, 2017

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PrototypeBast8/17/17 4:44pm
The Halloween art contest will be here soon and I would like to help in some way seeing as I have no artistic talent WHAT-SO-EVER but a mountain of ideas.
I'll stat this off with an idea called "Rule One...." Evzen dressed as a shirtless CCP
has his arms around Bast (dressed as crash bandicoot) and Mace (dressed as a gladiator) explaining why rule one is never let Kalie pick the mens costumes while the gilrs (Vanth,Namah,Kalie,and Jenive) are making catcalls well almost all of them (Lilith)

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PrototypeBast8/19/17 1:35pm
Remember Anyone who has Ideas can post the here for Artist to use.

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PrototypeBast8/25/17 2:30pm
A new Idea popped into my head today and it's for the humor category,
Randy as Freddy K. tortures Grunn with spilled alcohol an "Hot Hunks" magazines.

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PrototypeBast9/22/17 5:45pm
"Vi's scariest costume" Is basically Vi going the extra mile with psychological torture,She dresses and acts like she's eight months pregnant and giving nasty looks too any man in the troika who has crossed her.

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PrototypeBast12/12/17 9:50pm
Bast doing the spider scream and dance due to a tiny spider while Namah looks on deadpanned and thinks "I have a crush on this guy?"

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