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Subscribe to this thread DEATHBEATZ created by finlo on April 9, 2017

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finlo4/9/17 3:42pm
she is a ragdoll resurrection of Paige, a murdered friend.

a decayed corpse stitched together in form of a young ragdoll
now dons a hoodie of the neon knives, neon flip flops, still have a robe as a skirt, the skull of Mario. stitched without rotting parts but her ribs shown and has only 1 eye missing in one of her sockets. smiles menacingly suzz insane (sometimes).
she is also a very comedic anti-hero.

despite having schizophrenia, she has a bit more of the humanity heart. a lost injured child crying out for love and accepting... she has to recover her memory's.

"you can call me- dramatic pause... hip-hop wacky ragdoll! but you can call me deathbeatz, because LOL."

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