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Dreamkeepers Forums - IF dreamkeeper team are neonknives

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Subscribe to this thread IF dreamkeeper team are neonknives created by finlo on February 8, 2017

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finlo2/8/17 7:29am
IF dreamkeeper cast team are neon knives, then they would be team of rebels.

Lilith: if father is one of the dark dreamkeepers, he would put her in a room to be lock as namah was. only to be scared by the guards until namah saved her and escaped. she dressed punk and broken, she can still be intelligent and kind.
(still has a deeper hatred for her father) all her friends will be there to defend her.

namah: oh-hohoho! you may NEVER MESS WITH HER! > : D

mace: is friends with Lilith (he still have a crush with) venth helped teach him how to fight like a thug. he may be too weak and hopeless. but friends help friends.

bast: is a best basterd there is and (Lilith is falling for him) until she learns the truth about his plan and the nature of the neon knives (they escaped from the place!)

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