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Subscribe to this thread Running For The Crime created by Roan on December 29, 2016

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Roan12/29/16 7:48pm
I was thinking about making a roleplay based around a group of teenagers between the ages of 14-19, would anybody be interested?

The whole idea is that the group of friends sneak out to meet up and cause some 'chaos', like normal teenagers do, and while they are out running amuck, they come across a dead body--where said location is being consummated as a crime scene. When law arrives, the group is accused of the crime, and they all flee, some doing it naturally and some fleeing against their will.

Since they're running from their accusations, they become some of the 'most wanted' in Anduruna.

Would anybody be interested in starting something like this up?

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joeden12/29/16 10:35pm
I would

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Roan12/30/16 4:43pm
Good to know that somebody's interested c:

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Javelin12/31/16 3:54pm
it sounds interesting but I'll stay out of this one and make do with the current RP's I'm in just to not so down progress.

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Havoc12/31/16 10:44pm
I'm interested if you don't mind having someone with no role-playing experience?

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ZycantAlpha1/1/17 1:58am
Give me some time to come up with a character, and I'm game.

And Havoc, I wouldn't worry. I think that we have enough people experienced to help you out.

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T3rminal1/1/17 10:11am
Heck yeah! Roan, my wonderful pecan bro, glad to see you back! You should know I'm game. I'll get someone ready for it.

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Roan1/18/17 7:13pm
@Havoc: I'm always willing to work with new faces around the block
@T3rminal: Yes, my pecan bro! c: Scramble somebody up and serve them to me over-easy!
@Javelin: If this progresses further and you're still interested, feel free to jump in.
My character will be in the works shortly--and if course, with those who know me, she's going to be one of the 'baddies' of the group, haha. XD

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joeden1/19/17 10:07am
Name: Ralph Glider
Species: Sugar Gilder
Age 15
Appearance: he wears a red scarf blue pants and a green shirt.
Power: Sugar Rush basically this it causes an area of effect hallucination that affects the mind causing the affected mind to go on a journey into weirdness.

History: Ralph has always been a sugar addict also having some kind of sweet on him. Sugar is all he's about his life has also been in effect one sugar rush after another regardless of when he's also gotten himself into trouble more then once, when he was six he dashed up every tree removing all the leaves and then bringing them into his room each tree only taking a minuet to deleaf. His parents grounded him as soon as they fished him out of his room and made him clean it up. when he was 8 he clogged every toilet in the school in under five minuets for the hell of it and he paid hell for it. He's always been a trouble maker on small to large scales. The fact he's jumpy also doesn't help.

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ZycantAlpha1/25/17 11:17pm
Y'know what? I'm not getting new inspiration, so Matthew gets another chance.

Name: Matthew "Nines" Nero
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Gecko

Halo Color: Green with a yellowed outline
Power: Invisibility/Cloaking
Specifics: Can temporarily bend light around an object to make it nearly impossible to see - typically speaking, he’ll usually use it on himself. The invisibility is not perfect, as movement can cause a distortion in the light as it attempts to adjust - however the distortion is subtle. The invisibility can only last for a short while (maximum of 10 seconds) and for every second he spends turning something invisible he has to wait three before he can use it again. Also, the larger and farther away the object in question is, the less time he can cloak it. While he himself is technically a “large” object he can use the full 10 seconds on himself, since he is the easiest target to hide.

Personality: Overconfident and not terribly smart. Tends to straddle the line between bravado and cowardice, but typically loyal to those who take him in. Despite claiming otherwise, he is aware of his intellectual shortcomings, so he will typically make an excuse to let someone else do the heavy thinking.
Backstory: Matthew grew up in a lower middle-class area of the Theophanies, with his father working as a musician in one of the local churches. Eventually, Matthew grew tired of the life that he saw was both inferior to the lives of his peers and the life he thought he deserved. He began skipping classes (since he didn’t see any point to taking them) and eventually dropped out of high school all together. After quitting school, he started wandering the streets and caught wind of the gangs in various districts. Excited by the sense of freedom they seemed to offer he began working towards joining one of them (mostly through social mimicry, since he believes that if he looks and acts the part, he’ll eventually be able to take on the role). He has yet to successfully join one of them, but will still claim to be part of one of the gangs around Anduruna. As to which gang it is, however, mostly depends on the time of day.

Physical Appearance: Mostly green in hue with yellow spots in various parts of his body. Height is approximately 5’7” (1.7 meters). Weight is approximately 130 pounds. Body type is wiry and thin, bordering on lanky.
Casual Attire: Black short-sleeve shirt with holes and rips “accidently” torn in them. Jeans and a red bandana wrapped around his left sleeve. Typically wears a baseball cap turned 45 degrees to the right.

Other: Strength is about average, intelligence is low. Agility and speed, however, are above average. His eyesight is around 18/19 so he carries around a carrier with thick rimmed glasses. Believing that they hinder the image he attempts to carry, he refuses to wear them unless he absolutely has to.

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coolbreeze881/26/17 5:20pm
I can you got a lot a little inspiration from last thread. really didn't know I was that compelling to be honest.

but anyways am I too late to join this RP?

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T3rminal2/15/17 10:34am
Name: Varius Trevalt Reganim
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Whale shark

Physical Traits:

Coming soon to a forum near you!

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