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Subscribe to this thread Appearence Connections created by EngineerPearl0 on November 30, 2016

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EngineerPearl011/30/16 11:56pm
So in Characters, the topics of conversation have involved connecting the physical appearances of Dreamkeepers to their traits and powers. Although individual characters have their threads, I figure there should be a place where the appearances are in the spotlight.

To start the discussion, here are a few observations:

Twins seem to have appearances that play off of each-other; you can't get the full understanding of one twin's appearance without having seen the other.

Most characters seem to follow a biped body structure, despite having features of quadruped animals mixed in.

In fact, there seems to be a standard body-model in Andruna, despite having a large population that have other traits - for example wings instead of hands, a larger body type, or different tail stiles.

Dreamkeepers also tend to sport a lot of different colors.

A question for consideration:

What aspects of a personality would lead a Dreamkeeper to have the traits they do? And what happens to a Dreamkeeper if the personality of their human changes?

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