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Subscribe to this thread A question on Diony plants created by EngineerPearl0 on November 17, 2016

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EngineerPearl012/5/16 12:42pm
The problem with that assumption is not that it isn't cold enough, but that it would also be cold enough to kill the DK who is being frozen. Obviously it doesn't kill the dremkeeper, however that might mean it also doesn't kill the seeds inside.

It is possible to freeze small numbers of cells, however, so maybe the trick to cryogenic freezing is flash-freezing and careful and pointed thawing combined with electrical and chemical signals? Like you could warm up stomach acid to begin providing nutrients without damaging too much else as long as the stomach lining starts defending the stomach soon enough, which will need oxygen from lungs that need the command to breathe (supplied by the awakening device), and movement of blood, which gets thawed before the heart (taking its energy from the still-oxygenated blood), before the brain is awakened to take over the tasks during the warming of everything else

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AFox12/6/16 7:17pm

Wouldn't the seeds be less durable than the Dreamkeeper? Or would the fact they're inside the dreamkeeper pretty much keep them safe?

Huh, complicated stuff but it does make sense...still though, that'd also depend on how long it takes the seeds to take effect.

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EngineerPearl012/14/16 3:46pm
Well, it took weeks to drain the first DKs to try it to death...

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AFox1/11/17 8:19pm

Did it say that?

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TruthQuest1/11/17 9:52pm
Yes it does,
Fourth paragraph down.

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AFox1/16/17 5:43pm

Ahhhhhhhh, you're right.

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