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Subscribe to this thread The Old Dark Mansion in Starfall created by Kymastrider on November 11, 2016

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Kymastrider12/20/16 9:12pm
Kyma quickly removed his shirt and shorts saying "well since were way out in nature, might as well go all natural"

Kyma then throws off his underwear and dashing up to a builder butt naked shouts "I am Kyma, king of the jungle"

Then he takes a leap cannon balling into the lake shouting "BANZAI"

Kyma creates a giant wave and splashes everyone with water.

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joeden12/21/16 11:01pm
Jamie managed to protect the vial he had with him as Kyma's cannonball soaked him he shook like a wet dog and shouted, "Careful i don't need to be awashed." He then turned his tire away from the others to gulp down another dose, as he slipped into a haze. Thankfully he managed to hide the vial away before any prying eyes would notice it.

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Javelin12/26/16 10:13pm
Javelin gazed at the waterfall and saw Kymastrider splash in and has decided to drop by the river and rinse his face of wrinkles off after the long journey the forest dropping his baggage behind him and he yawned then looked at Jamie with out a clue replying "what now?..."

(my bad)

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joeden12/28/16 8:45am
(Javelin I think you meant to put Jamie not Joeden, Joeden is my account name.)

Jamie couldn't hear Javelin as he was to buzzed and semi passed out on the raft enjoying the relaxing high that he was in.

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