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Subscribe to this thread The Old Dark Mansion in Starfall created by Kymastrider on October 15, 2016

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Javelin12/19/16 7:22pm
@kymastrider sorry I fell off track

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Kymastrider12/19/16 8:44pm

Alright well we're setting up camp now, I sort of moved the story along since no one really seems to be participating.

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Javelin12/21/16 3:15pm

I thought I posted a line before you and @Joeden posted yours I think I forgot to click post! or that it did not load before closing out the forum tab :(

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Kymastrider12/23/16 3:35pm

Well I don't know.

right now we were at the point where were setting up camp and am taking a quick tip in the lake, so just pick up from there.

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Dante10/23/19 5:53pm
*Waves arms frantically.*

Calypsa! Spooky mystery mansions. Possibly LOVECRAFTIAN spooky mystery mansions? I could have had so much fun with this. It looks like it started and then died. Or did this get swallowed by the great Discord? T_T

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joeden4/2/21 5:46pm
not sure

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