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Subscribe to this thread Powers created by xodathe4bdn1 on October 3, 2016

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xodathe4bdn110/3/16 1:23pm
They're hidden
They're forbidden
They're who you are inside
This will touch on what we can only theorize will be the future powers of the beloved cast
From what we can see is that powers are roooted in a dreamkeepers core personality
It is either blindling obvious or subtle
I'd like to hear what you make think will be the power of all these characters:
Vanth , Kalei, Muliebral, Evzen, Woods, Bill, Damon, Harmony, Scinter, Grunn
Heck even characters that are more defined by being in a group than any real substantial individuality like the orphan kids and stacys pack
Feel free to add talk about other characters

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