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Subscribe to this thread the fight at school created by finlo on September 30, 2016

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finlo9/30/16 8:12am
i read the volume 2 of dreamkeepers and i dont like the bast flirty with lilith after the bad events mace and bast fighting in school.
BAST is the one who started the fight with MACE, and lilith came and comfort bast for getting hurt! lilith expect mace to apologize to bast and lilith because BAST started the fight. no wonder i dont like this comic so much! bast has no manners!

D : <

all the hopes and loves mace have through out the entire series will be crushed.
he will be alone, accused for murder, depressed.
THAT would have make MACE the dark dreamkeeper.


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MaddTheSane10/23/16 9:12pm
The reason for Bast's aggressiveness is hinted at: Mace grabbed at his scarf, probably trying to at least get his attention. Bast's scarf has deep sentimental value to him.

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Kymastrider10/24/16 6:50am

first off it's volume 1 you're talking about not volume 2.

second Mace was the one who chose to fight back and gave Bast a bloody nose, he could have been the bigger person and chose to walk away but he didn't.

third it's Mace who's acting like a creepy stalker with Lilith not Bast, Bast just asked her out to the harvest festival and he was being nice about it too. I'm sick of people who are against Bast just because the response is they want to ship Lilith with Mace, and act like Lilith is automatically Mace's property when she's barely ever spoken to him. Yet throughout the 4 volumes so far he really doesn't have a clue that Namah's the one that really feels a connection with him.

and fourth if you don't like this comic then why are you reading it and leaving such crude remarks on the forums?

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finlo10/24/16 8:42am


so sad... im sorry... i wish there was such things as happy endings.
mace started to feel emotional responce after paige died in the end of volume 2.
bast never realized namah has a crush on bast.

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jake00710/26/16 12:17pm
@kymastrider I agree with you that the reason for people hating Bast because they just want a Mace and Lilith ship is very stupid. however remember before volume 4 came out we didn't know a lot about Bast either. Yes Mace was asking for a fight but Bast was the one to throw the first punch and I agree with finlo that he did give Namah the cold shoulder the first time they met and it just hit me that the only time Namah and Bast talk to each alone was in volume 4.

I want to see more of the comic before I make decisions on who I ship. Personally I don't think Namah and Mace would make a good couple as I don't think it would be a healthy relationship as it will be fair to destructive. because of this I ship Mace and Lilith more as they balance each other one is full of energy and the other is more down to earth. It's why I like Namah and Lilith relationship as sisters

However this doesn't mean I think Lilith and Bast aren't a good couple I think they could be but the main problem is Bast a mystery there is not that much we now about him yet that is why I can't wait for the other comics pus we have Kalei joining the gourp so this may change thing up. there maybe a KaleiXMace or even KaleiXBlast and even LilithXKalei and NamahXKalei also poor Whip for some reason everyone thinks he dosn't even have a chance.

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finlo10/26/16 4:46pm
"poor Whip for some reason everyone thinks he dosn't even have a chance."

saddy sad

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Kymastrider11/15/16 8:12pm

I really can't say I like Mace much after the way he behaved in volume 3, he was just being really childish and selfish. But Perhaps that's just cause I'm one of those people that happens to like Bast more than Mace.

Also I really can't see Mace and Lilith as a thing, just because that pairing to me would just be way to cliche and predictable.

And on the fight in School. Even though Bast was the one who punched first Mace couldn't have just chosen to back off and report this incident to one of the instructors at school? That's what I would have done, there's nothing cowardly about reporting an injustice to the authorities if you think you're being mistreated. Instead he choose to fight back making things worse on his end.

Not that I'm trying to take Bast's side but I think in this case they were both being arrogant and hotheaded.

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AFox11/16/16 9:33am

Now I'll admit I haven't read Volume 3 for a while, so I have to reread it again to see whether or not he was being especially childish.

And they were both being arrogant and hotheaded, that I will admit, but what makes you think Mace would have reported Bast to one of the teachers? Bast grew up on the streets, and though his past is much darker than Mace's, Mace hasn't really had the healthiest upbringing either. It didn't occur to me until reading your post, Mace has probably been in some fights himself, at school and elsewhere, so it's possible he actually has reported it to these instructors yet nothing was done, that or it only ended up making things worse (I won't name names, but I know someone who's had similar experiences with bullies and teachers), he also grew up in an environment that'd make him less trusting of authority, not more. Besides, Mace has a reputation for pranks, mischief and the like...would the instructors believe him?

And for the record concerning an earlier comment, I'm a MaceXNamah shipper, originally was a MaceXLilith one until I ultimately realized that was a cliche pairing. But though I need to reread parts of the series, remember that it was mentioned elsewhere that Mace has terrible luck with girls, Lilith is mostly likely far from the third crush he's had. It's possible that one of the main causes of this had to do with other people 'winning' the object of his affection, or maybe something else. He may be acting a bit stalker-esque (not sure, have to reread), but perhaps this is thus far the most successful he's been yet. Now while Mace has terrible luck, Bast actually appears (at least as far as I can tell) much better luck and skill in attracting girls, I'm pretty sure he's no virgin...Mace however I'm pretty sure is one. Since Bast is more likely to be attractive to the opposite sex, and because Lilith did agree to go out with him, Mace is more likely to see him as a threat to what could be the first relationship of his that actually works...granted he's also oblivious to Namah's interest, which is to me an indication that he's focusing too heavily on Lilith (no surprise there), it's possible that if he accepted it wouldn't work out, he might notice Namah after all.
And yes, I am a Mace fan...not a huge fan of Bast.

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