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Subscribe to this thread Volume 3: Intentions Entwined. Discussion Thread! created by Avolendi on February 17, 2013

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Kobalt953/11/13 7:42pm
Well, not now of course. He was sane enough to be able to join the troopers, and it seems like he is... well... fairly normal in that picture- joking with comrades and such. :/

Idk, but I suspect that there is more to his past than "he's just crazy". Sure, he might have been unstable before working with the Nightmares, but if he was in the city guard then he might have left or done something to get himself thrown out. I am an advocate of the latter.

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DanWithTheHat3/12/13 8:50pm
Since Ravat was in the city guard at some point, could he have been in contact with Igrath when Igrath was the captain of the city guard? That could lead to an interesting confrontation in future volumes if they know each other...

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MrAerospace3/13/13 12:42am
Ravat might have been in contact with Igrath before then too: from what I gather they were also both Shock Troopers as well. Anyways, the thought often crosses my mind as to how those two might fit together, and it wasn't originally prompted by that image either. What I don't understand is why Scinter is using an old photo of a person he is clearly paying exceptional attention to...what is it about Ravat that has prevented the Troika from obtaining a decent surveillance photograph of him?

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Gloves3/13/13 10:24am
I'd guess that they have several photos of him, and the Shock Trooper one is just the one that happened to be up.

Or maybe the other 'Keeper in it is also going to be important, and Scinter was getting a look at that guy?

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ConnorDavidson3/15/13 7:42am
Shooting into the wind here, but I have a thought. Ravat seemed to know Mace's character very well, or at least, what he believed Mace's character is. He said people like Mace allow others to take bullets for them while they "pass the check". I'm thinking Ravat was one of those guys thrown under the bus for the sake of someone else - a joker or less responisble sort similar to Mace. In my *ahem* literary opinion, Ravat is a foil of Mace, someone that suffers the consequences of another person's actions.

So, maybe, they only have old photos of Ravat because he was believed to be dead? Because of some bad call or something. But now Troika is starting to clue in that he survived and has quite drastically lost his brighter, empathetic self.

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Phoenix3/15/13 10:15am
Mindbomb! Lilliths fight for survival will ultimately end in a victory for Nabonidus because the knowledge of the lost rune he needs (page 10) will be in the lost archives the same archives that Lillith used to get rid of Tendrils eyes. Thoughts?

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CalvinCopyright3/15/13 1:55pm
That's "Lilith", not "Tillith".

And if it's not in the archives, then it'll have something to do with Mace's power. Most likely.

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ezioauditore973/18/13 3:48pm
I am guessing that Ravat is just compelled by a side desire to see Mace squirm with agony as he is obviously a sick sadist because you would think that the nightmares would have a ritual for activating powers although he is working with Tensil so maybe he does not have access to them.I think that if they ever tried to do a backstory for him they will have a harder time conjuring sympathy for him than Grunn although given his sickening description of Paige's death I think it will be nigh on impossible.As for Lilith's situation that is a very good theory!

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AngelusAlvus3/26/13 5:18am
I would like to say that, while I loved this new volume, Grunn's mental decay annoyed me greatly (even in the prelude). I don't think it's necessary to dumb down him even more.

As for the story, I have my theories about Mace's power. At first I thought that he might be powerful to take on Nabonidus, but if it were the case, they wouldn't be trying to have him awaken his power, but to kill him. My personal favorite theories are:
1)Mace's power if the fuel to some sort of ritual, so he would be used as a sacrifice for some evil thingy; or
2)Mace is actually the "good" half of Nabonidus and he wants to merge himelsef with Mace when he awakens his power.

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DarkAnge13/30/13 12:50pm
I kinda doubt your first theory about Mace's power because why would Ravat try to awaken it in some remote crypt instead of just taking him to Nabonidus? Your second theory, however is *very* interesting.

As for my personal theories, I've speculated that Naby had the ability to absorb the powers of (other?) DreamKeepers. But again, if that were the case why would Ravat be attempting to awaken Mace's power (unless a DK's power had to be awakened in order to be absorbed) instead of serving him to "The Great White Dildo" like some evil maître d'?

No, I think this is a "Turn him to the Dark Side" kinda thing (*keesh-hah keesh-hah*), as the whole encounter struck me as some psychotic training session.

One other thing:
I don't know if anyone's noticed this but Ravat is underestimating Whip BIGTIME, as in he doesn't even consider him a person ("Sand 'n shit, can't you think to yourself, you bloody brat?"). I'm fairly sure that's gonna eventually com back & bite him on the ass. Perhaps literally >;D

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Prometheus3/31/13 5:42pm
I believe Mace's power will be the ability to create portals. Like Yugo from Wakfu.

My theory is that Naby and his grunts are trying to provoke Mace to the point where he will create a gateway between worlds, allowing the Nightmares to pour in and bring an unsuspecting Dreamworld to its knees.

A prime example of what could happen in the distant future:

But, I also agree with DarkAnge1 about them trying to recruit him. After witnessing Ravat's attempt to provoke Mace in the crypt, however, I think at least he's doing it the wrong way.

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RennisTora4/2/13 11:11pm
Oh man, this is random but it tickled my nostalgia bone when I saw it.
"Chester Copperpot" missing while exploring tunnels... GOONIES!
I wonder if that was intentional or complete chance?...

I speak of just after Bast catches up to Mace a gain and he's reading the scroll.

And oh man, right at the end with the look on Wisp... xD
Loved it, shouldn't have read it all in one sitting but oh well~

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DanWithTheHat4/3/13 5:56pm
I'm pretty sure that Goonies reference was intentional. His story in DK lines up way to well with the movie to be just a coincidence.
So much childhood nostalgia there!! That part really makes me want to rewatch the Goonies sometime...

In addition to that, I also spotted a certain superhero with a black cape and a blue hedgehog in a couple scenes. XD

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ezioauditore974/4/13 4:46am
Childhood nostalgia.....

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CalicoYorki4/10/13 2:32pm
Wow criminy may I just say that this was worth the wait?

- Woods is not alone in the whole Male Gaze thing.

- Does anyone notice parallels with Namah tripping over that vorp while trying to talk to Bast, and Mace meeting Lilith by crashing into her while coated in slime?

- I think Ravat is driven to kill the innocent, but also wants someone who is fun to kill. He just killed Paige for ####s and giggles - or, possibly, to give Mace a -reason- to become capable of fighting back: revenge.

- Vi's debut in the Graphic Novel was just as I'd hoped. And I don't know how I didn't anticipate her bossing Igrath around, but it seems quite obvious, now.

- I think Kalei is possessed of very...Odd, properties. Namely, that glow. I don't think Grunn tied her up down there of his own volition, and I do not think it is an accident that his mind is deteriorating -the closer he is to her.- I think she's entered some kind of "autopilot state", where her abilities are controlling her for her own safety. So, since Grunn has mushified his brain with alcohol, he was an optimal target. I think she's basically chipped away at his brain since whenever he found her, and had him bind her down beneath the orphanage - maybe she needed to ensure she wouldn't try to escape back into danger, maybe she likes BDSM, I don't know - and then, when they were found, she had him take her to the Troika.

-- Remember when Grunn said he wasn't allowed to tell? He wasn't talking about Scinter, or Igrath, or any of the Troika. He was talking about -Kalei.-

Well there's my two cents. P.S.: DreamKeepers sitcom: "The Dreamworld Hates Wisp"

coming to a primetime slot near you


okay that was a lie

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