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Subscribe to this thread Volume 3: Intentions Entwined. Discussion Thread! created by Avolendi on February 17, 2013

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DanWithTheHat3/3/13 6:23pm
The two Guards that were guarding the doors seemed pretty inept as Namah took care of them fairly quick. It looked like they were fairly inexperienced at being guards. The big guy didn't even have shin guards that fit properly...

I guess Namah got lucky that the secretary bird was on desk duty instead. She would have had a serious fight on her hands if she faced that guard. The damage that guard did to the elevator door was impressive. It looks like it was a combination of her sharp claws and an acid like power that ate through the metal that caused such damage. I don't think Namah would have survived in a enclosed space like her room with a power user like that.

The fact that there was a dark DK guard on duty shows how widespread their influence is in the tower. It probably was intentional that there was one assigned to the wing the girls were in and it wouldn't be surprising if Tinsel had her hand in it somehow...

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ezioauditore973/3/13 7:48pm
Well the Viscount has a way of hiring rather inept guards and I do not think they are very picky so no wonder a dark DK got in.

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MrAerospace3/3/13 9:23pm
I'm just curious if it wasn't a sort of energy charged object throw, as her right hand (the one that seems to be used in the attack) had a foamer in it only moments earlier.

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CalvinCopyright3/4/13 5:34am
I dunno; I'm pretty sure some dreamkeepers can use their power without their hands.

My concept of it resembles a firebreath attack, actually.

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Aurom3/4/13 2:34pm
Well, I'm thinking it's pretty much got to be a kinetic based power. Nothing else would both have that effect on the elevator doors, make the loud "CHROOMM" sound and cause the vibrations that knocked Lilith over. Unless possibly an explosion, but I don't see any evidence of soot, and if it was an explosion, I'd expect the doors to just be gone, or for the hole to be roughly circular.

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Fore3/4/13 5:07pm
Volume 3, for me personally, was an inconsistent experience. Big ups for BigEasy for pointing out the Vanth issue (a character not named when they are introduced, yet is placed on the first, literally first page of the book is sort of head scratching). It seems a lot of scenes and characters in V3 require the reader to have either read Prelude or read some of Dave's own sneak previews in order to know who all the new characters are.

The Guards for instance. Reading only the graphic novels, they seem like throw away characters in V2 just to show a funny Tinsel joke. Now all of a sudden they're given a very large part in the series, adding to the numerous characters we're expected to follow and remember. For a series where we have to wait a long while for the next volume, we can get intertwined in the goings-on, but read these books straight through and I think some holes start to show.

I'd say V3 raises more questions than answers. Not a whole lot of good ones either. It was a disorienting read for me, so I'm afraid I can't call V3 better than the previous two.

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DanWithTheHat3/4/13 8:47pm
Looking at that scene again, she probably was still stuck waist deep in that foam as the elevator started moving so its unlikely that she got to the door herself like I first thought.

My new idea on her power is that she can project her claws a good distance in front of her as energy. The door looks like it got slashed right down the middle so she has to have a power that can rip into the door (neither an explosion or a thrown energized foam gun would create a vertical cut like that). The loud "CHROOMM" sound and violent vibration was probably what was left of the energy hitting the center support beam of the elevator car.

@ Fore: I agree with that criticism. While it may be easy for fans like us that have read all of the previews and all of other material Dave has developed around the GNS to look past holes like that, it can easily become confusing to new or casual readers that arenít as familiar with the background material. I do think Volume 4 can fill those holes though if done right.

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MrAerospace3/4/13 11:32pm
Hmm, the doors normally split in the middle, so it's not inconceivable that a penetrative/explosive hit would cause the two doors to warp and shear inwards at the join like that.

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CalvinCopyright3/5/13 2:37pm
Yeah - like, path of least resistance? Air has less resistance than metal.

Anyway, we couldn't possibly figure out or guess what the power is; we only know its' effects.

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DanWithTheHat3/5/13 7:26pm
That's true but wild speculation is fun! Especially with DK Powers. :P

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MrAerospace3/5/13 8:21pm
Yay for wild speculation!

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pyronite6543/11/13 5:26pm
Speaking of wild speculation, anyone wonder why Ravat is shown dressed up as a shock trooper in Scinter's files?

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Prometheus3/11/13 6:21pm

More than likely, he was in the City Guard before becoming a Dark DK hitman. Apparently, the Troika try to dig up as much info on a hostile target as possible, including their past occupations. No doubt that's what the files are indicating.

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Kobalt953/11/13 6:40pm

Now I didn't notice that on my first read-through. That is a very interesting bit of info... I wonder what caused him to snap?

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ezioauditore973/11/13 7:22pm
Well he does not seem like the most sane person.....

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