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Subscribe to this thread Volume 3: Intentions Entwined. Discussion Thread! created by Avolendi on February 17, 2013

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Animefan182/24/13 9:35am
a mysterious bird that was, btw do you guys think O'Naicul may have somehow survived that crash ?

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DanWithTheHat2/24/13 3:35pm
I'm thinking he didn't survive or is at the very least, trapped underneath the rubble. As the bird seems to be almost glued to his head in almost every panel of him, it looks like that he was probably in the building during collapse if the bird had to fly away from the building at the last second. If he left before the collapse, the bird would have been with him and wouldn't be flying away on its own.

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MrAerospace2/24/13 4:36pm
Is the bird a psychological toothbrush? Does he use it to throw his visitors off kilter.
Is the bird more of a symbolic toothbrush? Does its escape represent O'Naicul's own evasion?
Or is it more of a comic relief toothbrush? Is it flying past Bast surrealistic humour?

We don't know what happened to O'Naicul. He simply vanishes after giving the two orders to capture Bast and pack up. He doesn't take part in the skirmish, and the one panel that could have been useful seems to deliberately obscure his "office" with that Data-scroll. It's actually a fairly good cliffhanger.

If he's dead - disappointing, but plot resolved and problem solved
If he's alive and captured - what then?!
If he's alive and escaped - oh crap!

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Reisel2/26/13 5:09pm
Am I the only one who thought Grunn got stupider between Vol 2 and Vol 3? I mean he was no rocket scientist to be sure, but he seems super stupid in this volume. I was going to chalk it up to him being drunk, but I didn't notice much of an indication that he'd been drinking heavily, beyond his being asleep, before Mace and Bast showed up.

He seems to have gotten a little stupider in Prelude too.

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wildcard2/26/13 8:57pm
The missing explorer Copperpot, was that a Goonies reference?

Also, what was with the pot Whip found under the tree? Can't imagine it was there by accident.

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Prometheus2/27/13 7:48pm
Things have definitely intensified in this volume, that's for sure.

Tendril makes his debut and will most likely become a fierce rival to Lilith as the story progresses. Mr. Peaks death will probably be pinned on Lilith to complicate things even further. And, with her and Namah still in the towers with numerous floors of security, I'd like to see how they escape.

Ravat seems to have been given the task of awakening Mace's power. Obviously, Mace has something that the Nightmares want badly. But, I'm pretty sure some of us know from other stories about what happens when a/the main hero's hidden potential is unleashed. Usually, it doesn't end well for the bad guys, especially for the villain who provoked the hero.

Originally, I thought the Troika was just a group of rebels out to topple the current government of Anduruna. But, it seems their main focus is on the Nightmares and dark dreamkeepers.

And, I swear, Grunn's face in page 129, panel 2 left me hoarse I was laughing so hard. xD

Man, now I can't wait for V4! This volume was awesome!

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ezioauditore972/27/13 9:31pm
Quality does take time!

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BigEasy2/28/13 12:53pm
It's not really the nightmares that want Mace so far, just Nabonidus. We don't know if Void and his allies actually care.

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taxinimon2/28/13 6:58pm
Oh wow. That was so amazing. I can't even use proper critiquing prose right now, because of the sheer amount of awesomeness that flooded into and lingers in my brain from reading that latest volume. DK officially takes second place in my list of things that I fanboy towards the most, first place if only counting current iterations of stuff. Now I have to wait 2 more years most likely, for the next addictive dose. Why must the creative process take so long? Why? I wish I could time travel. Teleportation through time and space. Now that would be a useful (and potentially catastrophic) power to have. Wow. Serious talent in universe-weaving, creators.

Also, the Combichrist graffiti on page 68. It's that much more awesome now (for me).

Now if only Itunes would stop lacing their bookstore with DRM.

Anyway. Yes. That was a good read. Thanks for it.

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Aurom2/28/13 9:56pm
What I really want to know is what's so special about Grunn's coins. It's pretty clear that Igrath, Scinter and Nainso are none-too-thrilled with the fact that they're lost, and Grunn himself seems to prize them above pretty much all else, since he didn't spend them on booze or porn and won't let the Trioka hang on to them for safe keeping. We are given the hint that someone gave Grunn the coins, but only because he was "THE ONLY LIVING THING WITHIN A THOUSAND MILES!" So let's get our speculation on! What are the coins? Why does everyone want them so bad? Where the heck was Grunn that took him a thousand miles from the nearest sapient life? And will finding the coins make Wisp's day suck a little less?

Speaking of everyone's favorite floating spaz, what is the collective opinion on Wisp? I'll tell you my personal, non-collective opinion: forthcoming turncoat. The main argument against this is the fact that she's more than just wrapped around Nabonidus' finger, she's used her considerable flexibility to freaking braid herself into his hair. (Yes, yes, I don't think Nab actually has hair, but you get what I mean.) Despite this (and even the attempted murder) Wisp still comes off as fairly innocent. There's also the matter of the homelessness (which has just become considerably more severe than normal). I can't see wisp being exactly happy with that situation... or with the betrayal from Tinsel who, judging by all the memorabilia in Wisp's (now somewhat disheveled) room, she adores (or at least used to adore, pre-betrayal). There's also the fact that Randy will inevitably betray her, and thus add a bit to her disillusionment. And I also wouldn't put it past Nabonidus to betray her, which would pretty much be the ultimate disillusionment. Also Dave has put a considerable amount of effort into developing Wisp's character in more vulnerable and likable directions in Volume 3. It's sort of a literary dick-move to do that and then effectively say "HA! Bet I fooled you there! [Character Name] isn't going to even consider turning to the side of good! He/She/It is going to be a total [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] for the rest of their life." and Dave doesn't strike me as the type to go for that sort of thing. On the other hand, I could be reading WAAAY too much into this, and Wisp could turn out to be nothing more than another name on the long list of murder-hobos in current fiction. But enough of my typing, I want to see some of your typing! Fire up your extrapolators and put on your deduction-hats, I want to see YOUR speculation O secluded corner of the internet!

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MrAerospace3/2/13 5:24am
Reisel - No you're not the only one to think that about Grunn. As you said, he was no Einstein, but before the flanderization there was at least some semblance of intelligence, at least to run a ship prior to him becoming a hopeless drunk. I really enjoyed the comical turn in V3...and the pairing with Nainso is gold, but I don't think he needed to become stupider to pull that stuff off. He's the dumb one already, it just robs him of his other traits and intimidation factor.

Wildcard - Nice pickup on the Goonies reference! That one was actually so blatant that can't believe that I missed it. Perhaps I was too busy looking for the more obscure cameos like the Fraggle in Scuttler's workshop.

Aurom - Keep digging around for stuff on those coins! There's clues out there for you to find...oh yeah, and don't you dare ask for help! As for Wisp finding those coins, I consider that the biggest cliffhanger in this volume. There are so many possible implications if that discovery is made that the mind boggles.

As for Wisp, she has a few screws loose but that's exactly what makes her so easy to manipulate and coincidentally such a liability. I think it's a master stroke that she's able to attempt murdering kids and still come across as a sympathetic character. She just makes me want to give her a hug, yet I know that under the circumstances if I were on either side of this fight I would most likely put a bullet through her brain...perhaps after that hug though.
That's the thing I find so fascinating though; I've seen tragic characters, but I've never come across a character that evoked such a contradiction before.

Prometheus - There's more than one way to dispose of Mr Peaks. With a Dark DK already established as a sentry guard/secretary to the Viscount's suite, then discretion can't be ruled out as an option. I would think 'library closed for renovation' would be far easier to sell than 'Lilith Calah turns Librarian into meat puppet'

Finally, speaking of that secretary guard...anybody else find it amusing that she just so happens to be a secretary bird?

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CalvinCopyright3/2/13 12:09pm
Speaking of the secretary guard, all I was picking up on was that she was the most competent and intimidating of the three that Namah took out. I like them black eyes, warning red wings, and that head crest!

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Animefan183/3/13 12:58am
wtf that bird guard was a gal... i knew it, then I denied it

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DanWithTheHat3/3/13 10:26am
TBH I didn't really notice the gender of the secretary guard at all until it was brought up here. I did catch that she was a secretary bird though. Nice character animal selection by Dave. XD

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MrAerospace3/3/13 3:27pm
I wasn't able to tell either, but Twi made mention of the correct gender way back when I was speculating on V3 sneak peeks. Either way, gender doesn't exactly change anything now does it?
I'm actually far more interested in the implications of her being a Dark DK. Are the other guards Dark DK's? If so, was sending them into Namah's room actually a seriously bad idea? What exactly was her power that allowed her to damage that elevator door like that? How will they explain away that damage?

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