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Subscribe to this thread Share Your Dreams created by Prometheus on September 12, 2016

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Prometheus9/12/16 8:13am
I would think something like this would go under the General subsection, but I don't know. Anyway, here is a thread I decided to make after a series of crazy dreams I had last night. Share your whacky slumbering adventures here if you can remember them.

So, the first bit of the dream was me as Sonic in a crappy, 3-D remake of "Sonic 3 & Knuckles".

The dream then transitioned to an oil rig that was in the middle of exploding. In a plain room somewhere in the oil rig, a pair of anime girls were trying to wipe off a bunch of crude oil that got on them until the room suddenly started filling up with water. Almost instantly, the room was full with the two girls trapped inside as everything went black. The dream switched to the ocean outside. Miraculously, the two girls made it out of the oil rig, along with a bunch of other random anime girls, on floaties and life preservers as the oil rig exploded and collapsed into the ocean.

Then, the dream entered "Dreamkeepers" territory. The dream transitioned to the Troika attacking a heavily-defended compound in the Kojiki District in Anduruna, as part of a mobilized assault on all Dark Dreamkeepers in the city. The dream then switched to a military invasion montage of unknown airships and transports rapidly approaching the city. As the transports landed, dozens of troops disembarked, carrying rifles and wearing armor used by Britannian infantry in "Code Geass".

The dream then switched back to the compound attack where the Troika had been defeated. Vi and a random, white-furred fox female had been tied up and restrained to some pipework on the outside wall of a building. Vi was in her Troika uniform from Volume 3 while the fox was dressed as Sailor Mars from "Sailor Moon" (hairstyle and all). A pair of Kojiki thugs, canine in appearance, dressed in white Japanese crimelord henchmen's uniforms stood before them pointing toy-like pistols at them. The fox woman had been roughed up and appeared to have gone insane for some reason, smiling and staring into space. Vi was simply scowling in hate. Then, she looked past the thugs and went wide-eyed in horror. Suddenly, the scene transitioned to a squad of the invading soldiers behind the two thugs as they gunned all four of them down. The thugs never saw it coming while Vi and the fox female were completely helpless.

The scene then switched to the bridge of one of the invading airships and it was revealed that Nabonidus was leading the invasion. Like Scinter and the Troika, Nabonidus had secretly built an army of his own, but with more manpower and bolstering better weaponry and technological advancements. During the resulting invasion scene, the phrase "V22" was blinking in and out. As time passed, the phrase changed to "Volume 22". Apparently, I was foreshadowing the future of the series, albeit in my own twisted, subconscious way.

Finally, the dream transitioned to Igrath, who was now a brown-furred feral griffin except for his head, talking to an unknown female wolf character in typical Troika uniform.

And, that was it. I woke up.

Gotta say, I have some pretty wild rides when I dream, but usually I don't remember them as clearly or as long as this. I'm glad I was able to remember this one. XD

So, there you go. Share your dreams here if you can or want. ^^

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