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Subscribe to this thread what if Paige is zombie? created by finlo on September 5, 2016

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finlo9/5/16 6:58pm
imagine what is like, like Toa Matau from Bionicle who was part of the comics when he heard about Paige's death and mace is blamed. so he helped mace because instead of just escaping successfully, he can use his "Kanohi Mahiki" (mask of shape shifting) to change himself into a different form to pretend to be "Paige" but this time in a form of the fresh bloody corpse from before so he "as dead Paige" bursts out from the wooden/sandy floor to scare randy, like: "scaring a living crap out of randy for continuing spreading humors about mace when things go too far" scary. shouting at randy: "YOU! YOU FILTHY RAT!" and then he would apologize and telling the truth. or else scaring more would be perswaysive like: "you told me the sandman is going to GET me! now that i am dead, I WILL GET YOU!!!"

holy spirits matau! :3

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