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Dreamkeepers Forums - Finally! An official introduction!

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Subscribe to this thread Finally! An official introduction! created by DreamWeaver on February 16, 2013

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DreamWeaver2/16/13 6:07pm
Dear fellow forum goers,

I've realized that while I have been around on the old forum for quite a while, I've never actually ever made a thread introduction of myself, I just kinda showed up out of the blue...

But with the creation of this new forum I have decided to change that!


HELLO! I am Dream-Weaver (like the song), but you can call me Dream or DW for short. I discovered Dreamkeepers back in autumn of 2010 after seeing an ad on a different webcomic and becoming curious by the lack of actual information about the thing being advertised (read as "The art was pretty and I clicked it because the charecter (Lilith) was glowing)...

It was the best impulsive decision I've ever made (with buying FTL being a close second)

To those of you who don't know me, I only really ever post when I have something to say, and can and have gone months without making a post.

But be assured, I stop by to lurk almost everyday.

I can be both serious and silly (sometimes simultaneously) depending on my mood, and I am a fan of a wide variety of things...

Also, I'm slightly dyslexic, so I often misspell words and mix ltertes aurnod, mostly flipping "n" and "g" in words that end in "ing"

I make it a habit of checking my spelling before submitting a post, but a few errors manage to get through, so please forgive my stupidity.

And now that I'm done with my ramblings, I bid you all adieu

Until we meet again


P.S I am a fan of using Post signatures as a means of finishing a thought that I couldn't fit into the main post/telling a joke

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p3nguin322/16/13 8:27pm
Hey there DW. I also happened to stumble upon DK from another site and found the story to be amazing; although I never really went to the old forum that much. You sound like an interesting person and I hope to enjoy any future discussions/threads of your's.

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Roan2/16/13 10:50pm
Welcome to the new thread with lots of bugs that will be fixed very soon. Also, nice to see old faces from the old thread join the new thread. c:

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DanWithTheHat2/17/13 9:41am
Welcome! Nice to see you made the move over here.

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