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Atheras8/19/16 5:05am
i have a DK i want to RP with, pm me if you want me for a RP, or to start a new one... ...

Gender: Male
Power: Athereal matter manipulation
District: Talocan
Affiliation: Trioka
Quote: "those who support the thrice damned government should go to hell"
Motive: to completely reform the governing system
Allies: Trioka, his friends
Enemies: just about evey other faction
About: wanted for several accounts of power infractions, murder and infiltration of the sabbaton towers. he is hunted by all other factions on account of this.

-Head strong
-soft spoken
-he tries his best to stay positive, but events of the past drags him down to sadness every so often


-unnaturally strong, this can lead to accidents
-agile, uncannily so

-his troubled past left him with next to no tolerances for bullies
-his mind has been "broken" causing random involuntary actions at different intervals
-his strength leads to severe "accidents"
-the more he uses and intensifies his power, the higher the chance he will, either; black-out, break down or go completely insane, as the only times he uses his power, is when he is -very- high strung (highly stressed)

-A white wolf with glowing blue lines all over his body
-intense blue eyes
-he usually wears blue jeans, a blue shirt with a black hoody over it.
-hight 1 m 75 cm (5' 7")

-Athereal matter is a magical substance which has unusual physical properties, such as solidifying on impact of over 20N(Newtons), this substance is created by Atheras when he uses his power.
-He is capable of sending the Athereal matter to speeds up to 1000 k/h (or 621 M/h)
-he can use it to create a variety of weapons and defenses

-A troubled childhood of bullying and lies left him tending to stay away from large groups, however if you manage to get close to him, he will always stand by your side, in attempt to preserve the few friends he has... He once found himself at the foot of the Sabbaton towers, then as a dare to himself, he tried to get to the top of the tower, unseen, he managed to get to the top of the tower, and when he got found, he ran as fast as he could to get out. The first time Atheras discovered his power, was when he was being harassed by members of the neon knives, furious that he was being bullied, he killed them all. he then sought out the Trioka as he had nowhere else to go, for he was hunted by the CCA and the Neon Knives. he has encountered a nightmare before, it was one of the things that helped "break" his mind, he managed to tear to pieces, but only after the damage had been done

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