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Dreamkeepers Forums - Chao!.... um well hello everybody

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Subscribe to this thread Chao!.... um well hello everybody created by Atheras on August 15, 2016

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Atheras8/15/16 2:23am
so i'm new here, sue me. anyways i was wondering if anyone would say hi... or y'know, not. i am Atheras, if you can't tell (nuh fukin duh), I'll have my (dreamkeeper... bio?) things sorted in a few days, hopefully.

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ZycantAlpha8/15/16 10:32pm
Welcome to the group Atheras (and hello)! It looks like you came in at a pretty unique time since Dave's doing an update on the site. But anyway, it's nice to see you on the forums, and I hope you enjoy being here!

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Prometheus8/16/16 11:45am
Greetings, Atheras! Welcome to the Dreamkeepers forums! ^^

Glad to have another member joining the fold. And, as ZycantAlpha said, you came at an opportune time as the main website is being refurbished by David Lillie.

I am Prometheus, one of five moderators here. With me are TeamDK, DanWithTheHat, PotatoFox, and MobileCrusader. You will find that as far as moderation is concerned, I am the most active moderator here. So, send me a PM if you have any questions or concerns. However, do not hesitate to send a PM to my partners, as well. They will help you, too. ^^

With that being said, take some time to go over our rules here on the forums.

It is good to have you here and please enjoy your stay. :)

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Javelin8/16/16 8:23pm
Nice to met you :)

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Atheras8/16/16 8:30pm
Greetings ZycantAlpha, Prometheus and Javalin, quite a suprise due to my... all over the place personality

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TalkedSpy8/17/16 1:37pm
Heyo Atheras! Name's TalkedSpy, just a regular old chap who has a lust for blood, sex, enthusiasm, and potatoes. ;3

I'm pleased to see another newcomer joining in into community, and I'm hoping you have lots of things you are willing to share with us! Do note, Prometheus is currently the only main active mod in here, due to the other four being MIA at this point. Hopefully you find these forums easy to come around and get used to, and you don't have do normally worry about the community, this is FLIPPIN AWESOME MATE.

Just make sure to carry a firearm or something....or a giant purple dildo.....cause reasons.

That is all! :D

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