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Subscribe to this thread Guild Wars 2 created by Thegunner18 on February 16, 2013

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Thegunner182/16/13 5:54pm
Yeah, she is. When I first finished that mission I was all like 'Anet! What have you doooone!?!? Come back, Sieran!' but then the mission really did end and I was a sad panda :( Apparently, Tybalt is a bag of fun and laughs, though ^_^

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IvyKirax2/16/13 7:05pm
Oh heck yeah Tybalt is funny :P never knew a Charr to be less than serious. Especially with Tybalts obsession with.... Apples o.o

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xir11110112/19/13 7:49pm
My name's Niavere
I'm an asuran Elementalist, on the server Eredon Terrace.
For those of us intelligent enough to be of Asuran descent, I'm also from the college of Dynamics, and have trained under master Blipp.
Lol, jk, I don't discriminate.

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xir11110112/19/13 8:24pm
I DID, however, make a text-based version of Golem chess, which I'd hope everyone will enjoy. Get it here:

...I plan to give it a GUI at some point, but as of now, I think it's worth sharing...

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alexa0982027/15/13 7:58am
Devona Rest, part of RED <-- Most amazing guild EVERR

Main: lvl 80 Human Ranger, Zerker build
In progress:
62 Sylvari Ele
17 Asura Engi
10 Charr Guardian
Nonexistant Norn Thief

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