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Subscribe to this thread This forum is SO dead. created by coolbreeze88 on August 5, 2016

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coolbreeze888/5/16 6:54pm
I really really wish this forum would actually have...I don't know... an actual community... but everything been in such a lul that this forum is just barely limping along due to the lack of any real activity.

I think its due to the fact that the forum is in a self perpetuating loop of "I don't join because no ones on... and no ones on because barely anyone bothers joining"

its a frustrating catch 22.

I think the only solution I can think of is to actually let fans know that this forum exists.. (because this forum isint that well advertised TBH). or we could just all migrate to newgrounds and let this failed experiment of a forum die.

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joeden8/5/16 8:51pm
Cool do you really need to make rude remarks in the role play room this is where that belongs. Not sure if you noticed but this is the first of its kind on the site.

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CoolCoyote8/6/16 8:29am
Actually I stopped joining rp threads here because I got tired of being steam rolled.

I dont have much time to rp beyond 1-3 posts each day or every couple of days. I also like longer more detailed posts. Which is a problem when people start spamming a thread out of turn order. :v

By the time I would log on, read through 1-2 pages of one line posts between 2 players in a 6 player scene, and then type my own post the scene would change and my character would be forgotten and left behind :p

And this happened on pretty much every story I joined. Remember the time when players made /literally 8 pages of posts in a single day?/ yeah, that isnt as funny as it sounds XD

Especially after you ask them to stop and...they dont.

Since I dont want to force people to play according to my style of play I just kind of quietly stepped out of the site, occasionally popping my head back in to see whats up.

Eventually those players will either A. Gain more experience and learn to stop steam rolling others, or B. Get bored and leave.


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joeden8/6/16 9:11am
well if you want to join a RP on the site that you won't get steamrolled in have you considered the Apocalypse RP I'm running it'll work with your schedule

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CoolCoyote8/6/16 12:39pm
Ooo, that sounds interesting. Can you pm me about it?

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