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Subscribe to this thread All That is Left is Silence RP Talk created by ejshonk on August 3, 2016

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joeden8/10/16 1:52pm
I edited it.

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ejshonk8/10/16 2:23pm
Skype works for me by the way. If you guys want to RP through Skype, we can do it there

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joeden8/10/16 2:33pm
I can do skype mine's James.kuhn8

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joeden8/14/16 11:58pm
One other thing I noticed is how would Specter give a teacher a note if he never went to school that day as he was just to scared to go to school.

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joeden8/16/16 5:02pm
name: Kaede Teshigahara, Katie is her English name.
Age: 19
Species: Kitsune
Power: Natural amplifier. Aside from her natural powers as a Kitsune, this power also affects other keepers powers increasing their powers and sometimes actually offering them more than what their power normally grants. However, everyone is affected by it well and bad.
Appearance: and the better, (Nude)

History: Katie lived in Kittim until she was five and moved around Anduruna. She met Specter when she was ten years old. She had developed a fondness for him and became his best friend. But five years later she moved yet again, and for what would seem to be the last time. Unfortunately, her parents got in trouble with the Dreamworld's yakuza she watched them murdered before she was kidnapped and sold into slavery as a sex slave. two years past and she finally got free as a shock raid took out the place she was being kept. She was then sent to a help center to recover. She went through a help program for the next two years. She was then given a safe hous+e in the same district her friend lived. She tries to get back to a normal life but feels uncomfortable around strong men, weak wimpy not a problem, she also hates not being in control, or being restrained.

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coolbreeze888/16/16 5:23pm
don't worry dude. take your time.. I know... I tend to write a lot...

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Atheras8/25/16 11:18pm
i wanna take part in ze roleplay, i'll just give you ze rundown and umm hope for the best (remember, this is still when he is in school/highschool/college or whatever) (i shall wait to see if i can join the RP, if so i have a brilliant plan! [considering that another post doesn't happen for now....])



-A white wolf with glowing blue lines all over his body
-intense blue eyes
-he usually wears blue jeans, a blue shirt with a black hoody over it.
-height 1 m 63 cm (5' 4")

-Athereal matter is a magical substance which has unusual physical properties, such as solidifying on impact of over 20N(Newtons), this substance is created by Atheras when he uses his power.
-He is capable of sending the Athereal matter to speeds up to 1000 k/h (or 621 M/h)
-he can use it to create a variety of weapons and defenses

-Born in the Talocan district, he is generally seen by himself as he doesn't concern himself with trivial or social matters often. his parents wish him the best in his schooling as he is rather smart, but at times he just refuses instructions, becomes argumentive and increasingly more threatening. Leading to him having a violent history at school, but such incidents are not common as he prefers to stay with the few friends he has and avoid most people for fear of such things happening. he cares much for his friends, and he is usually loud and crazy around them (for that is just how he is).

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coolbreeze881/28/17 8:45pm
this is a butterfly knife>>

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coolbreeze881/28/17 9:05pm
worth a shot>>

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coolbreeze881/28/17 9:10pm
otherwise tulsans dead and im screwed.

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