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Subscribe to this thread All that is Left is Silence created by ejshonk on August 2, 2016

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joeden1/28/17 8:03am
The door did open shortly after and James was met by one of the twin red pandas that was Specter's older brother. He looked over James and said, "damn man you look like you got on the wrong end of an overgrown Ryuu. What can i do for you?"

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ejshonk1/28/17 8:44am
James saw the door open only to see the red panda. He heard what he said and he sighed, just looking at him. "Don't worry about me." he said. "My name is James, and I need to see Specter. We have a project to work on." he said, fixing his backpack. "I was wondering if he was here, so we can start working together." James' tail twitched behind him, just a bit nervous around new people, especially people with the tendency to be loud.

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joeden1/28/17 8:49am
Drake The red panda at the door scratched his head and replied, "project? He hasn't even gone to school in the last couple of weeks, so how he could have a project i'm not sure how he has a project but... Wait your that friend of his aren't ya?"

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ejshonk1/28/17 8:52am
James looked at him. He was surprised he hasn't gone to school, thinking he would still try to live normally, even after the news that people were after him. "Yes, I am, and I really need to see him..." he said plainly. He knew that Specter probably wouldn't talk about what he knows now with anyone, and James just needed to speak with him, see how he was doing, and get to work on protecting him.

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joeden1/28/17 8:55am
"Alright he's in his room his robot's vocabulary is on the frits as Specter described so try not to be too offended." Drake then proceeded to show James to where his room was.

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ejshonk1/28/17 9:11am
James was pretty surprised on how this red panda was just alright with robotics that Specter was making. James doesn't know how well he will actually be with the robot, not really having met him, except for seeing him in the hospital. He walked to the room, and knocked on the door "'s me, James... Let me in, I want to talk with you?" he asked. This was the first time they really talked since they last talked in the hospital, so he doesn't know how Specter is taking all of this.

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coolbreeze881/28/17 5:22pm
meanwhile, Tulsan was cloaked, his invisibility powers being put to good use just outside the house peeking through a series of the houses windows, keeping a close eye on the movements of both James and the suspicious stranger of a red panda.

"so specter is in the house" Tulsan monlogued to himself quietly, following James up to the second floor before finding the room specter was holed up in, trying not to make too much noise.

the window was cracked open for fresh air so he could enter at any time if he wanted too, but he just kept his distance just outside the window to his room, waiting for James to leave.

'oh man' Tulsan thought 'once I do this there's no turning back, 'I cant believe I need to do this... but I might never get this opportunity again before they find him....'

Tulsan tried to keep his breathing under control but the pressure of the situation was forcing his breaths to become for forced and raspy, struggling to keep the sound to a minimum.

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joeden1/28/17 5:30pm
The door had opened to the Robot that now looked a little different its one arm was larger as if it had something in it and was still slowly being built into it. It also had more of a bulk in it figure. As it looked over James it said in a British accent, "Master the decaying meat bag that you call a friend is here and he seems to be in advanced stages of decay. Shall i let him in?"

Looking back to James it said, "Master meatbag has allowed your entrance good decaying meatbag in advanced stages! Welcome!" It then stepped aside allowing James to enter Specter's room which was filled with prototypes and other advanced tech like basket ball mechanical bugs in progress of being built blueprints littered the walls and desks which also held tools and parts. Specter sat in a more advanced wheelchair which could mostly move on its own until its limited battery ran out.

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ejshonk1/28/17 7:29pm
James was very confused on the robot staring at him, and then was called a decaying meat bag. He growled under his breath, but walked in. He saw the Robot step to the side, seeing Specter working hard on all these different projects, he stopped to appreciate how intense this really is. Specter seemed to be working harder than ever, and outdoes himself every single day. He looked over to Specter, walking up to him. "Specter..." he says, limping in a bit as he put his heavy backpack down. "Are you okay?" he asked.

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joeden1/28/17 7:40pm
Specter began typing into his device, "Yes... I'm fine, sorry about my robot's personality it got a new personality when i did my upgrades. Since you said there were people out to get me; oh I also made you your earplugs." He then dug through a drawer looking into the little boxes in his drawers for a pair of headphones.

On the desk James would see a set of earplugs on the table almost as if discarded for some reason or another.

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ejshonk1/28/17 7:46pm
James looked at Specter, seeing the ear plugs on the desk. He stepped forward to them, and he picked them up and held them carefully. He inspected it, holding it delicately in his hands. " didn't have to do this..." he said and then looked at him. "What's the difference between these ear plugs and the ones I had before?"

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joeden1/28/17 7:53pm
Specter finally found the plugs he was looking at and looked to James as he saw him holding the discarded pair he quickly typed, "Don't use those ones! They'll blow your ears to kingdom come! he then got up using the desk for heavy support as he knocked the defective earplugs out of James' hands as he used the desk and James for support. James would be surprised at not only how quick Specter moved but the fact that him gripping his shirt and using it to hold himself up was barely noticeable as Specter weighed as much as a few potatoes or so.

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ejshonk1/28/17 8:00pm
James heard him, typing away, and then heard the message as the ear plugs were smacked out of his hands. He feels Specter hanging off of him, feeling how light he is. He put one of his arms over his shoulders, and holding him upright with his good arm, he walked him back to the wheelchair. "Don't strain yourself..." he said softly, even though James was still visibly in pain, he couldn't let him do stuff like this. "Now, which are the real ear plugs?"

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joeden1/28/17 8:13pm
Thankful to be back in his chair he satReaching to the desk to where he dropped the good ones, he typed, "These are the good ones i made it to account for your power as from what i understand of it." He then handed the pair too James before typing, "you can easily remove them to adjust the volume settings to your liking they can go from blocking 59 Decibels of sound to 3000 Decibels of sound if the need ever arises. They also run on a special battery i made it's like a watch battery on not as powerful which is why you'll need this." Specter then grabbed a small case of watch batteries and handed them to James and typed, "their easy to open just press the middle on the little buttons and just remove and replace batteries."

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ejshonk1/28/17 8:31pm
James listened to him and then held the ear plugs as he was given them. He listened to what he was saying, and he nodded to him. He took off his beanie, and it was revealed that his ears were stuffed with cotton balls, which may look very silly to Specter. He carefully took out the cotton balls, and put in both ear plugs. He soon felt everything was...quiet. Everything sounded what he thinks should be, normal. Nothing was hurting him, but he could hear everything! Overcome with emotion he couldn't help but start to tear up and with his one arm, ran up and hugged Specter. "Thank you...thank you..." he said. He held that hug for a bit before letting go. "Sorry..I one has ever done something like this before." he said. "It just feels like no one cared enough to try to do something about thank you..." he said and smiled. He carefully took one out to re adjust it just a bit to make it even quieter, and then heard something with his overly sensitive hearing...breathing...not coming from the room. He casually put his earplug back in, and then stepped in front of Specter without a word, as a halo formed over his head, his hands out, ready to attack or defend Specter. "Whoever you are, show yourself, you've been caught" he said out the window, waiting for whoever it was to appear. "If you don't, you WILL regret it..."

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